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There are three major fixed stars within orb of solar eclipse June 2020, technically. So, I do my best in the jumping around that I do, staying on point but the eclectic in me just can’t resist sometimes. How can you activate it? The June 21 eclipse is an annular solar eclipse. So the July 4 eclipse will occur at the time of a full Moon. The Three Eclipses 5th June 2020: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible from Africa, west & central Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. So this eclipse could feel highly challenging not only for the entire world but in particular for Americans because it's coming in a sign already overloaded with planets and directly challenging many facets of the U.S. character because the country has numerous planets in Cancer in its birth chart. As for the solstice, the Sun will enter the zodiac sign Cancer on June 20 at 4:45 p.m., U.S. central time. (It’s OK for an astrologer to consult another astrologer…) Here is a brief overview on how the astrological effects of eclipses might impact your life. This time of year is highly fertile on all planes, allowing us to use imagination to create just about anything. With so much information gleaned by employing VA theory (Vibrational Astrology) there’s a sense of information overload, but it’s a good overload. That's also helping lighten the energies (much needed, after events of the past two weeks). What does this July 4 eclipse mean? Also like that June eclipse, it's a penumbral eclipse - meaning the Moon will enter only the outer part of the Earth's shadow, which is lighter than the full shadow. Essentially, what we’re seeing is a type of quick evolution with all of these aspects happening from one lunation to the next, transitioning from the 17th to the higher octaves of the 8th vibration which signal action and movement with others (16) combined with the pressure (32) and deep desire and motivation (64) to do something about the situations that we are facing. That metaphor is useful for making sense of the June 5 eclipse. If you live in the United States, this eclipse will carry powerful energies and significance because it's happening on the 4th of July - the nation's birthday. For me, writing is a gift that I have to fight for; the time, space, energy and inspiration to do it. Uranus ties into this pattern as well forming high vibration 16ths with Chiron and Sun/Moon, showing an element of spontaneity and freshness. Do something (8) with others (2) that is beautiful (Venus) in the instant now moment (Uranus) that is compulsive and from deep within (Pluto). The topic that’s the primary focus, the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, are now having a world wide effect, as they always do when nearby in time. Dancing, parties, liveliness, music and getting out and about are even more highlighted in this eclipse chart with the same Venus/Uranus/Pluto midpoint theme as mentioned in the previous June lunar eclipse section. So do get started - as soon as this eclipse arrives. I wish you both on your individual path of this collective journey toward change. Solar Eclipse June 2020 ~ Summary The June solar eclipse 2020’s nurturing and protective energy is just perfect for coming out of self-isolation and re-connecting with family. Couple this with the difficulty of maintaining a set blog schedule and here we are with what we’ve got. … Capricorn is the sign opposite Cancer, which is the United States's zodiac sign. But the combination of an annular eclipse (annular means “ring”) and a world point is signaling a critical shift for many of us. What’s most important here, to me, is the station retrograde of Mercury on June 17th followed by the station direct of Venus on June 25th as both of these “bracket” the all important 0 degree Cancer eclipse on June 21st. 21st June 2020: Annular Solar Eclipse, … Mars is at 15 Pis 52, also at the Sun/Moon midpoint with just an 18 minute orb, giving us a sense of desperately wanting to accomplish something right now with what we’ve already learned and the emotional crisis that goes along with that. I see this as an expansive, beautiful healing and rebuilding in action. A Brief View on the Astrology of Eclipses | What You Need to Know May 25, 2020 The Three Eclipses of June & July 2020 | How to Navigate the Shift May 24, 2020 A Few Notes on the Current Pandemic March 21, 2020 eclipses over the month they'll occur. © 2011 - 2020 In a year that's forcing so much change, these next eclipses are amping up the energies, intensifying the pressure, and demanding even more change - in a short timeframe. This conjunction occurs exactly six months later on December 21st, 2020, the day of the winter solstice (0 degrees Capricorn)! The best way to handle this eclipse (and any eclipse, for that matter) is to slow waaaaaaayyyyyyy down. If you are a writer, then you know, there’s always the regret of not having written more. This work may feel highly uncomfortable, especially emotionally. As an astrologer who takes note of many important celestial events, I know about this kind of anxiety all too well and it’s difficult to listen to my own advice sometimes. What I have found is that there is a kind of energy drain and an inertia around anytime where there’s 3 or more planets changing direction around the same time. However, if you are a writer like me, then you know that there’s a strong pressure to be highly accurate and to make clear statements with regard to the subject at hand, especially when it involves a topic like astrology. The June 5 eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, an optimistic, adventurous fire sign. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac09f5b04e4404f6ba5bbbe43db81dfc" );document.getElementById("eaebf2d3db").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. Many astrologers that study the quincunx get a sense that there’s something to be worked out, some balance that needs to be found and some adjustment that is constantly being made. Along with high unemployment, many of us are in a dicey situation when it comes to rent and mortgages, whatever side of the fence we happen to be on. (The mundane effects of eclipses have not been fully worked out as of yet with the current VA theory). Important birthdays for the June 5th, 2020 Sagittarius lunar eclipse are: The next eclipse is the annular solar eclipse at 0 Cancer 21 which occurs in the early morning hours on June 21st, 2020. After this, Chiron stations retrograde on July 11th while Mercury stations direct on July 12th, 2020. That's just minutes after the full Moon in Sagittarius peaks at 2:14 p.m. U.S. central time. To repeat, the eclipses are on June 5th, June 21st and July 5th so what we have is a kind of confluence of retrograde activity around three eclipses, which is very powerful. Once again, we're being asked to let go. Will we all have to redefine what we think of as home? Important birthdays for the July 5th, 2020 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse are: Before I forget, I have to touch on the all of the retrograde activity going on in the midst of the upcoming eclipses. Also, use the Capricorn Meditation as part of your regular self-reflection time or usual personal meditation.

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