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Feel free to agree or disagree, this is merely my opinion. Some IG love too:, Your email address will not be published. Pretty quickly, the resort was skied into shallow, soft chop that really brought the Hoji W alive. However, slowing myself down just a little on the Hoji W, I could stay on top of the chop, making more nimble turns back and forth rather than just plowing through piles of snow. Review: 4frnt hoji Yes, there is a thread about this, but thought I would throw out my take on this piece of hardware. 4FRNT Raven Skis. They came in at exactly 1954 grams, each ski. 360g per pair is quite significant for a touring ski discrepancy. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions:). Although the snow hadn’t consolidated into firmer bumps yet, the Hoji W was much more lively and playful than it had ever been in firmer conditions. Although I noticed a slight bit of chatter in the tips over bumpier snow, this wasn’t too surprising considering the skis are relatively light; they don’t have the damp feel of a directional ski with metal in its construction like the former Blizzard Dakota. Although I wasn’t working the skis into a carve as much as I usually do, I noticed that the Hoji W really liked to be pushed fast and hard down the fall line. Determined this year to find the “sweet spot” on these skis I started off skiing these and only these. Write a review. Agressive, hard charging skier. 4FRNT will also be introducing their new “Vibe Veil” technology into a number of skis, including the Hoji and Hoji W. Vibe Veil is an elastic membrane that is placed in the tips of rockered skis, and is designed to reduce chatter and poor edge hold in variable and firm snow conditions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Because it’s light weight and floaty feel powder turns feel more responsive and quick which I prefer. I would be super stoked if you guys could get your hands on some KYE 110s, looks to me like a ski that could give the Bibby a run for its money…, Would love it if you could get your hands on a KYE 110…. So we weigh what we actually review. Do you guys have any reviews of the Kye 110? I took this ski in the Idaho backcountry and man oh man let me tell you it just “floats different” than any other powder ski I’ve been on. The ski is more work to bring around when going slow, and definitely seems considerably more reactive when skied fast. 4FRNT Hoji CC Women's Buy Now For $549. I want something burly but not over the top :) And many of the women skis aren’t long enough for me. I love how playful this ski is and how responsive it becomes when you find the sweet spot. Correct me if I’m wrong…. Also have a the 173 cm Blizzard Bonafide for all-around skiing and ZeroG 178cm for touring. While I haven’t skied em yet, I look forward to it! Not to say that a groomer with a narrow or traditional shaped ski isn’t just as fun because digging an edge into a well shaped ski is also awesome. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In low bumps that were more widely spaced, I never had much of an issue getting the ski up to speed and working through the moguls. This was probably due to the ski’s fairly stiff tails and big turn radius, but in any case, to me they just felt a bit off and not very forgiving in bumps. The Hoji by 4FRNT is a fun playful, responsive and nimble Freeride ski that’s not for everyone, but honestly it could/should be. To give you a better portrait my favourite skis are my old Dakota 2012-2013 got them in 170 cm but I’m feeling the need for longer skis. That’s the whole reason why we do our own measured specs. We spent around 50 […] I’m looking at the Kye 110 in 181 length. I actually ski the 185cm Moment Bibby Pros as a powder ski, which I love and wouldn’t want to go shorter. I was a little nervous about how the Hoji W would feel in slicker areas, given that they are a fairly wide ski with a fully rockered design (one I didn’t have any experience with). What do you think about 4FRNT HOJI? 4FRNT skier Eric Hjorleifson has been producing a pro model (well, two pro models) for a few years now; first came the EHP, then the Renegade. [Editor’s Note: Our review was conducted on the 15/16 Hoji W, which was not changed for 16/17, apart from graphics.].

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