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The 5+3+3+4 structure brings into fold the already existing play schools within the ambit of ‘formal education'. As a premium subscriber you get an across device unfettered access to a range of services which include: Welcome to the premium services of Business Standard brought to you courtesy FIS. New education policy | New national education policy | Education in India, BS Web Team  |  A design of 5+3+3+4 system, covering four stages has been structured to replace the 10+2 system in order to reinforce the ‘holistic development’ of the student. To this, the grades 1 and 2 or classes 1 and 2 for students of ages 6 to 8 would also be added, keeping the focus on development of language skills and teaching by play-based and activity-based curriculum. Explained: What is the 5+3+3+4 Class System Under National Education Policy 2020. National Education Policy 2020 unveiled. The focus would shift to play, discovery and activity-based and interaction classroom learning. No. We, however, have a request. You can find out more by clicking The 5+3+3+4 structure will include a foundational stage from 3 to 8, three years of pre-primary education from 8 to 11, a preparatory stage from 11 to 14, while the secondary stage would comprise 14 to 18 years. According to the NEP 2020, school students will take exams only for Classes 3, 5, and 8. Business Standard is happy to inform you of the launch of "Business Standard Premium Services". Then, the child moves to a ‘school’ which is Kindergarten 1 and 2 and this is followed by 12 years of secondary then higher secondary education. It will cover the age group of 8-11 years. The 5+3+3+4 structure will comprise 12 years of school and three of Anganwadi or pre-school. More subscription to our online content can only help us achieve the goals of offering you even better and more relevant content. With the 5+3+3+4 system of education, the 10+2 system would not change in terms of the years a child spends within the formal education system in the country at the school level. National Education Policy 2020: 5+3+3+4 is the new structure that will dominate school education starting from pre-primary to class 12. Know the age-wise break-up of the 5+3+3+4 system of education. The NEP also proposed that the board exams will continue to be held for classes 10 and 12, but these will also be re-designed with "holistic development". This will cover school education from classes 9-12 in two phases. According to the HRD Ministry statement, “This will bring the hitherto uncovered age group of 3-6 years under the school curriculum, which has been recognised globally as the crucial stage for the development of mental faculties of a child. Our subscription model has seen an encouraging response from many of you, who have subscribed to our online content. The draft National Education Policy 2019 (NEP), which has now been uploaded on HRD Ministry website, envisages a "5+3+3+4" system of education, instead of the traditional 10+2 system… Assessment in other years will shift to a "regular and formative" style that will be more "competency-based", The board exams will continue to be held for classes 10 and 12, but these will also be re-designed with "holistic development", Watch: 'Kya Kehta Hai India'; A platform to voice concerns, Govt issues list of surgeries select ayurveda practitioners can perform, Zee News Exclusive: AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that BJP is spreading Hindu-Muslim pollution in the country, Taal Thok Ke( Spl Edition): Who is playing politics over Farmers protest, Taal Thok Ke: BJP wants to get rid Hyderabad of Nizam culture, says Amit Shah, Kisan Union said in a press conference, want to talk unconditionally, Farmers continue to protest at Delhi's border; proposes 8 demands against centre, Amit Shah reaches Hyderabad for roadshow, offers prayers at Bhagyalakshmi Temple, ‘Will free Hyderabad from Nawab, Nizam culture’, says Home Minister Amit Shah, This time Hyderabad will have our Mayor : Amit Shah, Why can't Centre hold talks with Pakistan if they can with China: Mehboob Mufti, COVID-19-infected woman in Singapore gives birth to child with antibodies, Income Tax dept raids two companies in Tamil Nadu, detects undisclosed amount of Rs 450 crore, Uttar Pradesh registers first case under new forcible religious conversion law, All educational institutions across Jammu and Kashmir to remain closed till this date, In the new National Education Policy 2020. The new system will have 12 years of schooling with three years of Anganwadi/pre-schooling.”. this link, West Indies in New Zealand, 3 T20I Series, 2020. Digital Editor. The foundational years of a child's education will consist of 3 years of pre-school/Anganwadi education and 2 years of primary education, including class 1 and 2. The first phase will be 9-10 and second 11-12. The ministries of HRD, Women and Child Development (WCD), Health and Family Welfare (HFW), and Tribal Affairs will jointly accomplish the ECCE's planning and implementation. The focus till this stage would remain on the development of language and numeracy skills. Built on the foundational pillars of Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability, this policy is aligned to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and aims to transform India into a vibrant knowledge society and global knowledge superpower by making both school and college education more holistic, flexible, multidisciplinary, suited to 21st century needs and aimed at bringing out the unique capabilities of each student," the statement said. The total number of years a student spends within the school education system remains the same. In major “school to college” reforms, the government on July 28 unveiled the new National Education Policy that restructures school education by setting out 3-6 years as pre-school age and dilutes the emphasis on board exams, among other changes. Post Author: Vidya Raja; Post published: July 30, 2020; Post Category: Education / Information It will be for the age group from 3-8. With the introduction of the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria, the recipient of the education would spend six years in primary school, three years in junior secondary school, three years in senior secondary school, and four years in a tertiary institution.

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