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Submitted by Sandra Kennedy (not verified) on Sun, 24 Jan, 2016. the scale length of the Cordoba C9 parlor is 24.8 not 22.75 as stated above. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Do you have any recommendation that has all of the above? Our roundup of acoustic guitar pickups has more information on these add-on pickups. Edit: I have made the change to the article after getting the response from Godin. Submitted by True (not verified) on Fri, 10 Jan, 2020. La Mancha makes student guitars with 530, 590 and 630mm scale length with solid top. Thankfully, Cordoba was able to keep the price reasonable, although some beginners and students will find this guitar to be out of their budget range. Join for free and start earning 8% back on every purchase. What are your thoughts about the Cordoba Cadete 3/4 classical? The Cordoba Dolce I mentioned above also has an adjusting rod but is still a light weight wise instrument. Have an account? This can be good or bad depending on whether you want a small classical guitar or a nylon string parlor, but whatever your preference is, there's no denying that the C9 Parlor is a cool looking instrument. Because of its compact size, the scale length is shorter at 22.8, which results in beginner friendly playability. This nylon string parlor guitar comes with a solid cedar top, wild cherry back and sides and a mahogany neck that joins the body at the 12th fret. Wish it came with more saddle height to lower the action to my preference. Most of them listed as "parlor" are fitted with steel strings.As a classical (nylon strings) guitar player I find quite a few shorter-scale CG that are not identified as "parlor" but they do match the "parlor" size (you have listed quite a few ) and are an easy to play to play instruments for players with smaller hand/shorter finger-length. Interestingly, Cordoba opted for a slightly shorter 24.8" scale length, which better explains the "Parlor" label, meaning that it looks like a classical guitar, but plays like a parlor guitar. If you need any further advice please post in the comments below and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. I want to put the lightest tension strings on it. Submitted by Allen (not verified) on Fri, 10 Aug, 2018. This 1/2 size guitar comes packed with impressive features and for its size and it plays surprisingly similar to standard size instruments. Thanks for your excellent information. It's a 14-fret instrument, with a cutaway, so it still has more fret access than a standard sized classical, and is nice and easy to play. Unlike steel strings, which tend to go up in a linear fashion from the high E to the low E (i.e. When equipped on a small body instruments like parlor or small classical guitars, nylon strings produce a different tonal palette that both professionals and beginners enjoy. In you're case, I'd recommend light to medium gauge strings, especially since you're finding it difficult to do bar chords. Played younger, still sing would like to play for fun. Nylon-string sets also have wider variation in materials than steel strings, in all three main areas of construction: the core, the wrap, and the plain string. usually ship the same business day. This relatively unknown 3/4 size classical guitar is hidden gem in the entry level market. The Antonio Hermosa one is also a good choice based on user reviews. My fingers are short especially the pinky, also, what would be the preferred clearance between the strings and fretboard? This makes the Motif a great couch guitar for classical guitarists, a reliable grab-and-go instrument that you can play without adjusting your playing technique too much, which means that your main guitar can stay longer in its secure case. I lowered the saddle yesterday on my LaMancha53 while changing strings and it plays better on higher frets. In addition to its resonant sound and playability, the AHQ-10 features cosmetic appointments that you don't normally see on guitars of this price point, including maple binding, 3-ply top purfling, and gold-plated tuners. This item is backordered but is available to reserve now. I for one took formal classical guitar lessons on a Yamaha and that guitar is still with me now years later. La Patrie, another sub brand of Godin made it into this list, and this one specializes in classical nylon stringed instruments. Classical guitars use either nylon or gut strings with lower tension, producing that soft, classical tone we all love and cherish. You might want to look at. What do you think? About Nylon-String & Classical Guitars. These compact instruments have more pronounced middle frequencies, and are more comfortable to carry around and play with, ideal grab-and-go instruments that you can leave on your couch or on a stand. Not to mention their mesmerizing warmth and balance. We all laughed when he showed us just how small his hands were and how short his fingers were. Submitted by Alexander Briones on Wed, 14 Dec, 2016. Although not much is known about the manufacturer and their reputation, The Antonio Hermosa AHQ-10 comes with nice specs at a very accessible price. Every guitar or bass you Every guitar or bass you purchase from Musician's Friend (electric or acoustic, New or Open Box) includes two years of protection from manufacturer defects. Like steel string acoustic guitar strings, nylon strings come in different gauges (thicknesses essentially). Being an entry level guitar, the CGS103A comes with basic wood that includes a spruce top, meranti back and sides and nato neck, thankfully Yamaha's impressive build quality makes this guitar look and sound better than what you'd expect. Submitted by Alexander Briones on Mon, 28 Nov, 2016. As I mentioned in the article, I learned guitar on a Yamaha which is now over a decade old, and it still plays and sounds nice to this day. Haven't tried the other 3/4 to compare but when I brought this one to a luthier he was surprised that the price was so low for the quality. Nylon strings provide a mellow and percussive contrast to the bright and articulate sound of steel strings. Submitted by Antonella (not verified) on Sat, 7 Dec, 2019. They've grown so much that they recently acquired the Guild brand from Fender, expanding the company's reach into the steel string guitar market. Would a mini guitar’s neck be smaller? I replaced the steel strings with nylon, and the neck stopped bending so much. If you're looking for a budget friendly solid top 3/4 size classical guitar then check this one out. It can probably be added by the manufacturer through their custom shop, but it would jack up the price.

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