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Many of these don’t have to be done at Christmas only, but it seems like the opportunities for giving are more plentiful then. We’ve covered many types of family traditions and emphasized that our traditions should be meaningful. Deaths, crises, times of financial lack, or emotional struggles. That annual trip or Christmas cookie decorating can make for fun and lasting memories to share in over the years as well as reminisce over as you are an adult. This summer, I took my own kids to the rinky-dink park for the first time, and so the tradition lives on. Find something your family enjoys doing together, but isn’t something you can do often. You can select as many as you want and buy the recommended items. If we are giving to those in need and helping those who can’t help themselves, it’s like we’re doing it for Jesus Himself. As a child, I didn’t care about the expense or the extravagance. So, why are traditions all that important? Either go for a drive or walk and check them out. Daily traditions or rituals. Face to face interactions and quality time spent together will build those family bonds. This is something my family always did when I was growing up, and we have incorporated it into our family now. If family traditions are to promote togetherness, teach values, help contribute to your child’s sense of identity and confidence, etc., then don’t allow them to become a stumbling block for your … Traditions also can connect generations as they’re passed down from one generation to the next. Why do you want to incorporate the tradition you’re thinking of? Not everyone does the same thing for holidays, so traditions can set your family apart from others by what you do…or don’t do. Find purpose in your traditions and make sure they fit your family. This is a great list of simple Christmas family traditions. This is where the daily, weekly, and yearly traditions come together to weave a fabric of security around our family’s life. Every family has highs and lows. Benefits of family traditions Every summer, my parents used to take me to a rinky-dink amusement park a couple of hours from our home. Christmas is such a long and drawn-out holiday, so there’s plenty of opportunity for traditions. Will the tradition build your family relationships? Family traditions hold a special place in our hearts. Having traditions for everything isn’t necessary. Please share in the comments below. Something you wear, something you read.”. You may choose to incorporate a couple small and a larger Christmas tradition or two. Visit a Christmas light display. Each season is a fabulous opportunity to plan a special event for your family. The daily reassurances that happen to tell us we are seen, loved, and belong. Traditions help us to nourish one another. Bake Christmas cookies. For instance. Are you doing things just to make yourself look good as a parent? Take the time to really evaluate your values and make sure your traditions go with them. Remember traditions can have seasons. Traditions Are High Points. Maybe your town has a big display or a certain neighborhood known for its amazing lights. Family traditions hold a special place in our hearts. Are you looking to start some new traditions in your family? Non-holiday traditions can include daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal tradition ideas. They strengthen our bond as a family unit. 8 Benefits of Simplifying Your Life, Taming the Toy Monster: How to Minimize Toys, 6 Helpful Tips for Spending Quality Time in Marriage, What is the Armor of God? Related Article: 10 Ways to Give Thanks This Season, De-escalation Strategies for Difficult Behavior, Celebrating the Holidays During Quarantine, How to Raise a Secure Child During Times of Uncertainty, How to Improve Your Child’s Focus Amidst the Clutter of Coronvirus, family traditions promote better emotional adjustment. You are able to get rid of excess stuff to make room for new gifts and everyone can help. Monthly traditions could include a family service project, a bigger weekend activity, or an international-themed meal as you pray for that country. Traditions give us a shared identity. You may choose to make two or three kinds each year or go all out and bake a dozen kinds. You may want to read the Christmas story from Luke 2 or another Gospel or read it from all of them as my husband does. Many of these also help keep the Christ in Christmas. It will depend on the year and how much help your little ones can be. While you’re at it, maybe you’d like to take a cookie plate to your neighbors and spread some Christmas cheer. Some traditions reflect family values, such as donating used toys around the Holiday season or volunteering regularly at the local shelter. Here are some ideas of non-holiday family traditions and several different holiday traditions that you could incorporate or just use them as a springboard to go with your own ideas. Take time at your meal to talk about things you are thankful for or pass around a gratitude journal each year for each person to add to. Buy gifts for a needy family. Some of our fondest childhood memories are borne out of the traditions our parents upheld, and our children’s memories are likewise being made with every book, board game, road trip, or celebration. Let’s look at some other benefits of family traditions besides strengthening our families. They create structure, stability, a sense of familiarity and safety, all things that are important for children, particularly young children.

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