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Click the image for more info on the actual size so you can compare it with the Baby. With $4,000, you could buy two used Webber 000 12-frets and have money left over for strings. The TWJP is a classic 12-fret parlor design, with a slotted headstock. The result is a more solid and durable composite wood. The Java TWJP is a lightweight, at only 3.8 pounds, but don’t let that fool you – it’s got a big sound for a parlor, reminiscent of a small-bodied flattop from the 1930s. Taylor’s BT2 Baby is a 3/4-size Dreadnought acoustic that helped revitalize the small body acoustic guitar market. I went to a local guitar shop and tried a couple of 12 fret guitars: Martin 000-15SM Taylor 322e I was pleasantly surprised and found the 12 fret guitars easier to play, but I wasn't that happy with the sound. It sounds good when strummed also, which makes it a great entry level guitar as well. They also typically have a shortened scale length (length from the saddle to the nut), which means less string tension which in turn makes for easier bending of the strings. It may seem like starting with a cheap guitar is a good way to go, but it really isn’t.Here’s why…, These are all steel string small body acoustics (no nylon or classical guitars) made by quality builders. All in all, it’s great quality for what it is and the price makes it a little easier to take you Martin camping without worry. Virtuoso musicians like banjo player Perry Bechtel now had access to more frets and higher notes and were able to extend arpeggios and runs. But it’s not just about efficiency: In general (and there are so many wonderful exceptions!) Cheap acoustic guitars sound like a good idea, but they’re often times not worth the cost. Taylor guitars is one of the most active brands in the small body acoustic field. David Webber makes an amazingly sweet 000 12-fret for a ridiculous price... easily the equal of guitars costing three times as much. So, what does the number of frets that clear the body have to do with anything? Some people say that this also gives 12-fret guitars a richer and fuller sound. Small body guitars are great for fingerpickers in either blues, folk or even jazz styles. We saddle up the 12-Fret model… If anything, I find the HPL to be lighter and brighter and often prefer playing it to my solid wood body. no solid top wood). Basically, they’re built to look like 100 year old instruments, but they are made with modern techniques and modern materials and often sound better than the originals. This makes it very light and resistant to changes in climate (which is great for a travel guitar), but it also gives it a brighter sound than it would have if it was made with solid wood. There are a few terms to get through before I give you my picks, so let’s get going…. If you like a slightly darker, punchier quality in a small guitar, the 812ce 12-Fret is a great choice. The Tanglewood Java TWJP is designed in the United Kingdom and made in Indonesia. TrueFire – The Best Online Guitar Lessons! How to Buy the Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners [2020], “Distressed” open-gear tuners (to complete the vintage look), Bone nut and saddle (for better intonation), Bone nut and saddle for better intonation. If you want a small body guitar for less than $1,000 or an affordable acoustic guitar for a beginner, then you’ll be getting an HPL body guitar. Watch the Review It’s the perfect size (and price-point) for beginning guitarists of all ages or seasoned players looking for something to take wherever they may go. The steel string guitar evolved from classical guitar design and for the first few years had a neck joined to the body at the 12th fret like the classical guitar. Great for songwriting too. Proportionally, there are more fingerstyle players in this country and in Europe than there are in the US and the vast majority of those fingerstylists play less hard and with less attack than flatpickers in say, the Bluegrass style. Now that you have a basic understanding of the various aspects of small body guitars, we can on to the list. While they don’t have the kind of name and history of Martin, Taylor, Gibson and others they are a good quality manufacturer at reasonable prices. It also produces a generally brighter sound that can present itself as a “crispness” and is less prone to become “muddy” sounding. Models; DS1; DS2H ; DS3; This 12-fret slope shoulder dreadnought shape originated in early hawian style guitars, but the smoothness and tonal warmth of this configuration have made it popular among many players. The RO-310 is a high quality, small body guitar and not just a “take anywhere” kind of guitar. For what it’s worth, I’ve been playing guitar for over 15 years and have both a solid wood body and a newer HPL body and I love them both. Some disparagingly call them “plywood guitars.”. As if better volume, tone and balance wasn’t enough, there’s yet another advantage to be had for fingerstylists from some 12 fret guitars: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Great deals on 12 Fret Acoustic Guitar. Whether you’re looking for a parlor acoustic guitar that’s lightweight and easy to travel with, or just looking for a small body acoustic guitar for fingerstyle playing, you’ve come to the right place. This accommodates higher string tension of modern springs while retaining the sound of a vintage parlor guitar.

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