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This product gives instant results in just one or two applications. The kit comes with two pre-packaged syringes containing the whitening gel so that you can easily fill the whitening trays without the mess and hassle of other tooth whitening systems. While many teeth whitening kits require you to stick to a regular schedule to get the best results, the MagicBrite can fit around you. It will whiten your teeth to up to 8 times brighter than before, in as few as 7 days! However, care should be taken when applying the bleaching agent to teeth as it can cause discomfort and sensitivity to the gums. Let’s check out the 10 best LED light teeth whitening kits that you can buy! The dental trays are intended to be molded for personal fit. However, it is always advisable to consult your dentist for personal, professional advice before you begin treatments. As the tissues of the mouth, as well as the nearby eye tissues, are sensitive, it is safer to use LED light for teeth whitening. Not only that, it is easy to use with its pre-loaded syringes. If you haven’t tried one out yet, pick your favorite product from this list, try it out, and tell us how it worked for you in the comments section below. Gums are delicate tissues and can be painful if they come into contact with the whitening gel. This starter kit includes six months’ worth of peroxide pens and an LED light. It is a high-tech, easy-to-use device. After the time has passed you can remove the light and you can leave the gel on for another 10 minutes, but this is optional. Also, dental whitening treatments cost a bomb compared to these teeth whitening kits. What Is An Epilator And How Does It Work. Are There Any Side Effects Related to Blue LED Light Tooth Whitening Kits? Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone. What Are The Benefits Of Using LED Tooth Whitening Systems At Home? While there should not be any pain associated with the use of these at-home teeth whitening kits, you should pay attention to applying the gels to ensure they avoid the gum region. This kit is an excellent choice if you have sensitive teeth. Both methods are effective, but it’s the quality and composition of the whitening agent and effectiveness of the LED that makes the difference in the results you’ll get from an at-home tooth whitening kit. Teeth Whitening Kit. The Cali White kit is a complete tooth whitening system. This product is widely available and is a very affordable at-home whitening kit. View my: Bio, Research Gate, LinkedIn & Twitter profiles. 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Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device uses … You are advised by the manufacturers to discard it once it has been operated for the full number of Whitestrips in the packet. It is incredibly easy to use and is designed to create no mess. During the resting time, the carbamide peroxide converts to hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent that whitens the surface of your teeth. The kit comes with clear whitening gel already prepared in easy-to-use syringes, two of the remineralization gel syringes, three trays which hold the whitening gels, and the LED light to speed up the whitening process. The light is specifically developed to work with this kit. Its soft silicone tray helps keep the gel in place. Crest 3D White. It uses a professional dental-grade whitening gel that helps remove stubborn stains quickly. When it comes to buying LED teeth whitening kits, there are a few things you should be aware of to make the best choice for your needs. Generally, treatments that are fast, such as a system that requires only two treatments with an interval, won’t provide long-lasting results the way a more gradual treatment system would. If you don’t get it right first time, you can just submerge them in hot water again and have another go until you get a comfortable, snug fit. LEDs release visible light, rather than ultraviolet light, which is known to harm cells and tissues. You might find that your teeth start to look transparent when using this product, and if that happens, discontinue use for a few days and use the remineralization gel to boost your enamel. This kit includes 2 dental trays, 3 syringes of whitening gel, an LED light with batteries and a comprehensive instruction guide. There has not been much research on the safety of teeth whitening in pregnant or lactating women, so it is best to delay your teeth whitening until after you have had your baby and finished breastfeeding. Please find our detailed analysis and buying guide after the summary table below. It can be used once a day for up to 30 minutes each. It is safe for your enamel, caps, crowns and veneers. If the bleaching system doesn’t match your sensitivity levels, it can damage the enamel of your teeth. There are currently hundreds of teeth whitening products on the market for you to use at home.

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