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Whether you want an instrument that's uniquely optimized for flamenco, are searching for a nylon string with a slim neck for easy playability, or just want a 1/4 size travel guitar, chances are good that Cordoba has something for you. However, unlike Epiphone and some other budget brands, Jasmine doesn't really have what could be considered high-end acoustic models. This guitar has classic nylon-string sound, but the mahogany top, slim and playable neck, cutaway, and Fishman electronics make it an excellent guitar even for those who don't specialize in classical music. That said, I think the Masterworks series is excellent, and the MF60 OM, an orchestra-body folk acoustic guitar, has a highly playable neck and great all-solid construction. Every guitar model in this series is made for performance, comfortable to play, all solid wood and has Yamaha's Studio Response Technology (SRT) pickup systems. (This video offers a brief sound demo if you want to hear for yourself.) Blueridge offers both a Historic Series and a Contemporary Series. I hadn’t head of Zager – so thanks for pointing them out. You may already know Godin as the parent company of Seagull, but this manufacturer makes quality acoustic guitars ideal for those who want a unique, great-playing instrument for less than many major manufacturers charge. Gretsch acoustic guitars may not be quite as popular as their electric models, but they have a distinctive look and big sound that makes them similarly versatile. Ibanez is fairly well known for its electric instruments, but some players prefer their unique, flashy, and affordable acoustic offerings. Many major brands offer starter acoustic guitar packages where the instrument is made entirely of laminate. There are a number of other acoustic brands (such as Guild, Washburn, Blueridge, Ibanez, Epiphone to name just a few) that didn’t make this list. - Sherpa Land, Your email address will not be published. And while this brand doesn't have quite the popularity of Gibson or Fender, it's the choice of many professionals. And if you ever played a poorly-made acoustic while learning, you know just how frustrating it can be. I was blown away by the video demo below, and when I looked up the guitar's price, I had to double-check it because it was so low. Will have to see if I can get me hands on one to try – if anyone wants to check them out, their website is - Sherpa Land, Acoustic Guitar Nut – Functions, Materials & Impact of Action. This brand has been making quality guitars for over 100 years. Because Sheeran often played Little Martins onstage, he collaborated with Martin to produce his own signature Little Martins. Generally speaking, Larrivee guitars have an understated look about them--most have a satin finish and modest appointments. Godin is also a company that has been able to successfully produce guitars for all musical styles--they offer electric and acoustic guitars for players of every budget. What inspired me to include them in this list is the consistency that they bring, their ease of play and their ability when plugged in. It's a good idea to listen to a demo of a Gretsch acoustic (or really, of any acoustic guitar you're considering) before you make a purchase. The name Martin is synonymous with acoustic guitars and is probably the first brand that a lot of people think of when they hear the phrase “acoustic guitar” or certainly the phrase “acoustic guitar brand”. Did I forget any top guitar brand? Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Takamine's tagline is "the hardest working guitars," and based on buyer reviews, the same could apply to their Jasmine line. That said, if you need something more affordable, the Seagull S6 is a very affordable solid-top guitar with wild cherry back and sides, that sounds like it's worth much more. The only main issue with many Ibanez guitars is that many are made entirely of laminate--most designs seem to put more emphasis on looks than they do sound. Many of these guitars feature V-class bracing and quality appointments. These guitars have the fast-playing neck of an electric guitar, making them a good choice for those who typically play electric. Despite this, plenty of acclaimed players prefer Epiphone instruments. This is a relatively new brand that has been manufacturing acoustic guitars for over 35 years. Factory(s) located: Corona, California, USA | Baja California, Mexico. This pickup system sits behind the saddle (rather than under it). There were others I could have put in here – but I wanted to include an up and comer. Should any of those or any others be on this list, in your opinion? It's relatively affordable, but its nuanced sound and easy to play neck that makes it play like an electric-guitar makes it a great choice for players of all abilities. To the traditionalist, a high-end guitar made of something other than premium tonewoods might seem like sacrilege, but even early Ovation models were praised for their full, rich tone. This video demo lets you see and hear it for yourself. The Best Picks: The Godin Acoustic Series is a great place to look when you want a top-notch, all-solid guitar. Midrange acoustic-electrics usually have Godin's own QIT pickup system, while their high-end models often use the innovative Anthem system from L.R. Whether you want an old-style dreadnought shape or an acoustic guitar with a modern sound, Blueridge is one of the best brands for those seeking excellent quality at an excellent price. Who makes the best acoustic guitars in the world? This guitar has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides, and it comes with the incredibly natural-sounding L.R. Required fields are marked *. Whilst this company started out life in Toronto, Canada, production now takes place in California, USA (since 2011). This brand makes guitars ranging from professional-quality instruments to very inexpensive, all-laminate beginner models. Again, they are in no particular order. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Each of these guitars has a specially-designed pickup that's meant to work with its individual voice. Below I have outlined what I consider to be the top 10 acoustic guitar brands currently making guitars. They’re focus is definitely on that lower-end of the market. Goodall is certainly in the higher end, but a brand that I haven’t played before. In this series, I think the D2H T is a standout. The Best Picks: When it comes to choosing a series of Gibson guitars, I think you can't go wrong with the Original Acoustic collection.

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