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The Road to Paris website ran from July 2014 to April 2016. The first thing developed country governments should do is provide resources for adaptation so that people do not have to leave the homes of their ancestors due to human induced climate change. Why have you chosen this as the focus for your Foundation? No spam. Often the people on the front lines of climate change have contributed least to the causes of the climate crisis. A book group friend suggested I read Climate Justice by Mary Robinson, who, following the birth of her first grandchild, felt compelled to curate this inspiring collection of women’s stories. For example, much of the necessary adaptation financing required to protect the most vulnerable communities will need to come from public sources. Climate justice links human rights and development to achieve a human-centred approach, safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable people and sharing the burdens and benefits of climate change and its impacts equitably and fairly. As women and men are affected differently by the impacts of climate change, with women likely to bear the greater burden in situations of poverty, climate actions have to be gender sensitive. Without a plan for the future of these communities – a plan for a just transition – they will be exposed to poverty traps similar to those experienced by mining communities in the UK during the coal closures of the 1980s. I recently interviewed Mark Kenber of the Climate Group, on the role of business in climate change policy. President Tong has purchased land on Fiji as an insurance policy, should climate change drive his people from their island home. Laudato Sii: Are we getting it all wrong on sustainable development? Be the first to share your voice. A transition to zero carbon has multiple opportunities for people in developed and developing countries in terms of energy security, job creation and greater resilience but these opportunities will only be realised if that transition is fair, respecting human rights obligations. The antidote for your climate change paralysis. There has been significant work done on the linkages between business and human rights. This problem will get worse, so European leaders need to prepare a structured and humane response which both enables climate displaced people to resettle in European countries and helps their countries of origin to become more resilient to climate change. Nevertheless, it is important to recognise that market based approaches are not a silver bullet.. Those people in the most vulnerable situations typically live beyond the reach of conventional markets, and so require their needs to be met through other channels that can provide sustained social gains in the long term. IIEA Development Matters Series 2018 supported by Irish Aid, Women’s Participation – An Enabler of Climate Justice, Rights for Action – The Right to Access to Information, Case Study: Empowering a local community to address climate risks and food insecurity in Lower Nyando, Kenya, A Legacy – Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice 2010 – 2019, COP 24 produced a technical outcome, but it lacks a people-centred response – Statement from Mary Robinson, Promoting human rights-based climate action for people and planet at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Many Faces of Climate Justice: Exploring the Principles of Climate Justice. As the window to act gets smaller, the likelihood that this action will be hastily implemented increases and this, in turn, will increase the very real human rights risks associated with rapid mitigation action. • Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future by Mary Robinson is published by Bloomsbury (£16.99). It is often seen as distant and highly technical. And reasons not... Q&A with Mary Robinson: What is climate justice? We must ensure that the transition to a zero carbon economy is just and that it enables all people to realise their right to development. Poverty contributes to population growth because of lack of education, healthcare and family planning and population growth aggravates poverty. These advances must now be built upon so that there are robust legal measures in place to protect those people on the front lines of climate change. Sooner or later, governments are going to have to take comprehensive action to combat climate change. A committed European, she also served on expert European Community and Irish parliamentary committees. Ever, Writer, researcher and consultant on climate change, energy policy & sustainable development. What is the role of climate justice in communicating climate change? No world leader should have to plan for evacuation from the land of their ancestors. But I think conflating climate change and population growth is somewhat misleading. In practice, this sharing of best practice and expertise helps policymakers demystify what is meant by respecting human rights in climate action and makes clear why considering human rights will make climate action more effective. The Peninsula Principles provide a normative framework, based on human rights, to address the rights of internally displaced people. The Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice. One very clear example is the forced displacement of people and communities for the construction of hydro-electric reservoirs. 100 days before the UN climate talks. Food prices have also increased dramatically when food crops are used for ethanol, causing hardship in poor communities. A Q&A with Mary Robinson on climate justice. I think this is too simplistic a take on all three issues. These principles acknowledge that the responsibility to respect human rights is a global standard of expected conduct for all businesses wherever they operate.

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