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Their differences regard technical characteristics, initial livestock, feeding and snail treatment. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.2. Terrestrial snails and their products are favoured by an increasing number of consumers in European countries, Southeast Asia and , where a great demand for edible snails is observed. Format), Citation-(EndNote The farms produce fresh snails Cornu aspersum, raised and reproduced in net covered greenhouses with vegetation and artificial food provision. The U.S has made considerable effort to eradicate Achatina. In chapter two we shall be looking at the literature review, which includes, the meaning of economics, the meaning of production, the basic concept of economic, forms of production, snail production, meaning of snail farming, concept of snail production, feeding of snail, care of snail, challenges of snail production and snail human nutrition. 4. SNAIL FEED: snail feeds on a wide variety of cultivated and wild plants. Considering the high prospect in the industry the provision of protein through snails availability and creating employment for the producers and marketers, people are therefore advised and encourage to go into snail farming. Chapter one will focus on the introduction of the study, objectives of the study, scope and limitation of the study, statement of the research problems and finally definitions of terms. 60% of the initial investment concerns expenses for the creation of the net covered greenhouse. This snail was purposely introduced into India in 1847. Hatziioannou M., Issari A., Neofitou C., Aifadi S., Matsiori S. Hatziioannou M.1,, Issari A.1, Neofitou C.1, Aifadi S.1, Matsiori S.1, 1University of Thessaly, School of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment, Fytoko Street, N. Ionia Magnesia’s, Greece. The selection of non-structured interviews, instead of a questionnaire is due to the heterogeneity of the sample, as far as the size and degree of the organization are concerned [16]. 5. 7. Agricultural activities comprises of crop and animal production, there have been growing concerns in the recent years at the low level of protein intake, especially of animal origin in spite of various agricultural development strategies adopted in Nigeria, daily per-capita, animal protein intake estimated as less than log or remains as far cry from the food and agricultural organization (FAO) recommendation minimal requirement of 35g (Usman 2003) in order to bridge this gap, it has been suggested that there is the need to explore of or source animal protein in addition to the conventional source such as ruminants and poultry (Olayide and Heady 1981) one of the important alternative source of animal protein, which has received relatively scanty attention in Nigeria as the snail. To have an active farm that will give the farmer optimum profit, I recommended you farm the Archachatina Marginata (Giant West Africa Snail) and achatina achatina (Giant Africa Snail). The wholesale selling price was 5€/kg of living snails, according to enterprises' data. The net cash flows were estimated for a time period of ten years and sensitivity analysis was applied for a variation rate of 20% (with 5% as the discounting interest rate). The weighted price of sales was estimated to 5, 3025€/Kg in living snails. Snail farming in Uhunmwode community have not yet be taking edge in the production processes but with my research work carried out concerning snail production in Uhunmwode community can pick up the snail business and use  it in developing their community internally. The primary data were collected through personal interviews from a sample of nine snail farms, during the years of 2009 and 2010. The purpose of the present study is the economic viability evaluation of a hypothetical enterprise of a mini - livestock farming system grounded in Southern Greece, in an area where the main use of land is for agriculture and stock breeding. In an attempt to carry out this research work on the economic analysis of snail production in Uhunmwode local Government Area in Edo State, I have decided to know the extent at which snail production or snail farming will undertake or undergo in the economic aspect of Uhunmwode community. Cost of structure..... N 20,000 - N 30,000 Construction Cost: Depends on the size you want the pen to be (whether housing form or wood cage form). TOTAL COST= N85,000 To N100,000. Berillis, P., Hatziioannou, M., Panagiotopoulos, N. and Neofitou, C., “Similar shell features between rear and wild Cornu aspersum snails”. ". Fama, E.F., and French, K.R., “The Corporate Cost of Capital and the Return on Corporate Investment”, Garcia Garcia, J. and Garcia Garcia B., “An econometric viability model for ongrowing sole (Solea senegalensis) in tanks using pumped well sea water”, García, A., Perea, J., Martín, R., Acero, R., Mayoral, A., Peña, F., and Luque, M., “Effect of two diets on the growth of the, Staikou, A. and Lazaridou-Dimitriadou, M., “Feeding experiments on and energy flux in a natural population of the edible snail, M., Hatziioannou, et al. In this sales price (5, 3€/Kg), the financial evaluation of the enterprise for the ten-year period results in a positive NPV, equal with 16.187€ and in a positive IRR, equal with 18%. In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low risk business and profitable unlike many other livestock businesses, snail farming requires very little start up and operating costs… With the free-range method, a producer can grow up to 90,000 snails a year on three plots of land. Ogunniyi L.T., “Economic analysis of snail production in Ibadan, Oyo state”. Here, it is important to note that the snail farm was designed to operate on the personal work of its owner in order to simulate the real enterprises operating in the research area. 3.0 Snail Farm Market Analysis Summary 3.1 Main Competitors 3.2 Target Market Segment Strategy. The costs-returns analysis revealed that snail farming is a profitable venture in the study area. 1. In the selling price of 5,3 €/kg the investment was deemed marginally economically viable. TABLE OF CONTENTS . The only product of the particular installation was living snails with an average production capacity of 3,777 Kg snails annually. The discount rate was selected to be 5% following others studies with evaluate the validity of investments at primary sector with the same investments risk [18]. DOI: 10.12691/wjar-2-6-5, Received October 16, 2014; Revised November 11, 2014; Accepted November 24, 2014. 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Rogan Josh Recipe, How To Prune Knockout Roses, Jeff Bezos Strategic Leadership, 2005 Harley-davidson Motorcycle Models, Numbers 6:22-27 Nlt, How To Build A Bookshelf Step By-step, Baby Please Don't Go If I Wake Up Tomorrow,


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