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Cat’hun; Solidus; Moggy; Cap’n Cute; Lefty; Sniper; Baron Scratches; Dan; Patches; Snake; The Governor; Bradley; Hicks; Sheldon; Arrow; Crookshanks; Admiral Fuzz; Demo; Winky; Redbeard; Calico Jack; Cannonclaw; Cycat; Whitebeard; Captain Ron; Socket; Pirate; Uno; Lost; Blinky; Nick Furry; Odin; Columbo; Blackbeard; Cyclops; Patchy; Admiral Meowington; Leela; One Eyed Willie; Neko; Uno; Cap’n … My daughter has a mink tonkinese that went cross eyed, which is uncommon in the mink. Its not effected him in the slightest, we still get ‘lovely’ presents of mice (we live behing some fields) infact, hes incredibly gracefull compaired to our moggie – if we leave our bedroom window open for him to jump out of in the night he can hop onto the bedside cabnit and along the windowsill no problem – our moggie will knock absoloutly everything over. Just last week, I received the following inquiry: “I have just purchased a 4 month old Ragdoll kitten, a male Seal Colourpoint. If your Siamese cat has some individual mannerism or habits, these may make her cool. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I noticed him being cross-eyed so he did grow out of it. Does cross eyed mean that one eye looks, normal and the other seems to look te otherway? In other words they may intend to jump to the middle of a table and end up a bit off center . All Rights Reserved. If present during a large part of childhood, it may result in amblyopia or loss of depth perception. Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. I am not certain if only one cat has to be carrying the gene to produce it or if both must be carrying it for it to be seen if the offspring. An uninteresting name since he's such an interesting cat! © 2020 The Paws. Siamese breed tends to have more cross-eyed cats than most others. Lisa BeCharmed Rag dolls. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. © 2008 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. oh right coz his is only now and again his eye turns towards the nose but then will gor back to normal .any ideas what is could be could it be like a lazy eye. This is referred to as a “strabismus”. However that is not always the case . The condition may be present occasionally or constantly. i have a friend that has an 8 month old ragdoll that its left eye goes boz eyed every now again but you notice it sometime when tired .with strabismus does it accurr all the time? It will take about two or 3 months to resolve itself. It usually is more a cosmetic thing as opposed to a health issue. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. If this kitten was purchased for breeding I would not use it for such because of this. What do you know about cross eyed Ragdoll cats? Be patient Barbara and if it hasn’t changed by the time he is 1 maybe then see the vet. I have bred ragdolls and have not really had an issue. Maine Coon Cats vs. Ragdoll Cats. Grab the Floppycats FREE Guide: "Top 10 Pawesome Cat Products" that I know your cat will love. In the pointed cats this does seem to occur more often than in non pointed cats and the thought is that the siamese used in the developement of the pointed breeds can perhaps be resposible so to speak . Funny Cat Pictures Animal Pictures Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Cats I Love Cats Cool Cats Kittens Cutest Cats And Kittens Cross Eyed Cat. I have not seen a lot of this in my breeding so I am certainly not an expert . She may love to be brushed every morning so she's as pretty as possible. He is teething now and biting everything in sight, including my feet and toes! When I first noticed this behavior, I thought he was just skittish, but then it occurred to me that the crossed eyes give him a shorter focal distance and reduce his peripheral vision. Personally if I mate two cats together that are normal and they produce kittens that are cross eyed I will not repeat that mating again. Cool Siamese Cat Names. Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. More info can be found here. When the eye veers toward the nose it is called “esotropia”. sue at Home; Writing; Video; Contact; Blog; December 30, 2011. One trick: Look to movies and TV shows to find Halloween cat names. Learn how your comment data is processed. , My english is not that good but I have a female cream mitted and she has it too, just like her mummy , I think it looks very funny, it makes her look like she has a bit of an attitude! One of the good fortunes of having this website is that I get a lot of interesting questions from people that have Ragdolls or that are considering Ragdoll cats for adoption. It may affect their spatial relationship when jumping depending on the severity . But maybe you can direct this to where ever it belongs. I already have a Ragdoll but have noticed this week since bringing him home, he has crossed eyes, where one is worse than the other, everyone has noticed this and I would like to know if anyone knows about this problem, is it a common problem with Ragdoll, although I have never seen it before, or is it a problem with the kitten I have. … Obviously I am concerned about the kitten’s eyes, incase it is affecting his eyesight.”. 14. However I have seen this result ( cross eyed ) in the kitten or kittens of two ragdoll cats bred together who are not displaying signs of this at all. It is not common in ragdolls but can occur in any breed.

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