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plays true action ok, Year Purchased: 2007 It's extremely well made (see video "About Deering Goodtime Banjos" to the right), and easy to play. Nice bright sound (actually a bit too bright for my taste). Stock setup with only a minor action adjustment. Year Purchased: 2007 Do I miss my Ome Juniper? After getting things straighten out it improved tremendously. I might also add that the neck is perfectly straight as it is. '.656 Huber Bridge for a Huber 5/8” Bridge' 54 min, 'Tailpiece Mount on Open Back Banjo' 1 hr, 'What do you mean by the noun "belief"?' Having both a Goodtime and a Sierra there is no question about which of my two banjos has the best sound, but it’s still the Goodtime that gets picked the most. I got a fretless one and put nylon strings on it. It is light so I'll take it anywhere including vacations. Hearing them played by someone else helped me choose the right one for me. It really looks and feels well-made and solid. All I needed to do was tune and start playing. This page works best with JavaScript. I will say that if you aren't familiar with a stringed instrument, then the break in period for the strings can be a bit frustrating but no the fault of the banjo. It appears that it is economically made, but not poorly made. I'm surprised that they can sell the instrument for over $500. Plays ok, not crazy about the finger jointed neck, Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2011. I would rather have a higher bridge and a scoop, but that's for me to worry about down the road. It now looks almost like new; the only sign of age is that the tarnish on the tailpiece was severe enough that it did leave some pitting that only re-chroming or replacement will fix (no big deal). Clear and clucky with a farmyard feel. For the money it has an impressive clean crisp sound with outstanding intonation at all positions. Reminds me of a cross between my old Mercedes and a built Jeep. Dealt with Deering via email when the 5th string peg disaster happened.Best customer service EVER!Friendly, prompt, understanding. Deering likes to setup the banjo for beginners with low action and light strings. Then you tune them again. I use GHS PF 145 medium light strings, After this it … If the kids want to bang on the head, play the banjo by themselves, or accompany me by slapping various parts of the instrumet..that's fine! It's bright, and plenty loud. It came by USPS. I have been playing on a poorly made banjo (not sure of the maker, there are no product labels on it, but it's design is indicative of similar banjos made in the 60's), and finally had enough and decided to upgrade to the Goodtime. Bang away, kiddos. The video at http://www.deeringbanjos.com/goodtime-banjo is a good representation of the sound. It has a feel of a well built machine. The fret board is surprisingly accurate making it enjoyable to play even for advanced pickers. I was pleasantly surprised with the sound of the Deering frosted plastic head, I thought I would like the Fiberskyn better but I have grown to like this one! I keep mine at work so I can practice at breaktime. Played well straight out of the box. It was all easy to fix.It did come with Mastertone D-tuners which is nice as the stock tuners are pretty cheap. It is a solid instrument. I play kids' songs and sometimes venture into clawhammer. Eaglemusic is that shop I would recommend. I'm a person who does a lot of research before buying anything, so when I resolved to buy the Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo as my first banjo, I made sure it was the one I wanted. It looks like it's gonna sound better with time. Coming with nothing (not even gig bag), just with good sound. Very reliable. Every one I've purchased so far has been set up very well. Luckily I was at the CBA's Father's Day Fest, where Deering had a booth, and they were able to replace it for me and tighten everything up...now it is good as new! As previously noted, this is the old style, which has the ugly shaped headstock, plain dotted fretboard, open tuners, and white tuner grips (the new ones have a fiddle headstock, attractive wood inlay, closed tuners, and chrome grips). Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Light, simple, playable, always have it at the ready. I put on new strings and now it's fine. Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2017.

What Does A Criminal Lawyer Do, Kirkland Organic Sugar Review, Greek Goddess Of Envy, Wood Fired Oven Design, Drinking Water Testing Lab Near Me, 12 Bar Blues Backing Track In C Piano, Why Is Algol Called The Demon Star, Tipo 0 Vs Tipo 00,


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