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Someone Say Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?! I have been using it for a year now and still loving it. Pre-locks, my hair was thin and damaged from relaxers. Also, I just went to their website and they have def added some new products including a cleansing conditioner and a shampoo with no sulfates, so Im curious. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Why Argan Oil Is So Freaking Good for Your Hair, The Best Hair Steamers (and How TF to Use Them), Turns Out You Need to Be Cleaning Your Hair Brush, How to Blow-Out Your Natural Hair in 5 Easy Steps, Fix Your Botched Dye Job With These Color Removers, And Now for a Crash Course on Your 3c Curls, These Are the *Only* Products Your 3b Curls Need, Level Up Your Hair Routine With a Bonnet Dryer RN, 9 Fragrance-Free Shampoos for Sensitive-AF Scalps, The Best Bonnets to Keep Your Hair On Point, Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Curl Defining Cream, Briogeo B. Perhaps if my hair didn’t thrive with anything else…and I got a free sample..and my hair loved it…maybe then I would shell out the money. Is it worth the Price?? If they work and you like them *big shrugola*. Devacurl and Ouidad. I’ve never experienced benefits from using it. I have tried Miss Jessies products but they are a bit too heavy for me and I am not too sure they are really that great for your hair. If it’s because it’s expensive, there will always be expensive products out there. Miss Jessies. My fine hair loves Miss Jessie’s unfortunately.… But one of their overpriced tubs of product lasts me 5 — 7 months. Wen has been great for my hair! A standard shampoo, conditioner and DC. Expensive: More than $15, often can only get online or specialty places Cheap: Less than $15, easily found at drugstores or Wal-Mart. Whipped Butters 2.5 OZ Sample Pack - Pick 3, Reposted from @liuzzi40 Loving these whipped body, When customers order $100+ worth of whipped butter. Not unless they were gifted. It’s definitely worth it. Juices and Berries is EVERYTHING. You just have to go through trial and error. Promise. Because one thing I have learned after all these years of being natural is that there is no magic product but there are “magic” techniques. ???? Even though it's made with just six naturally-derived ingredients, this organic dry shampoo is POWERFUL. Not sure why As I Am wasn’t listed.…. I’m not about to count anyone’s pockets and say what people should/shouldn’t spend because… Read more ». Miss Jessie’s Curly … When used in conjuntion with the conditioner little balls of product clump off your hair. There are products much more expensive than miss jessie’s. I didn’t even count the trims and color. No thank you. Go ahead and use it on your scalp, as a hot oil treatment, a conditioning booster, or daily shine-enhancer. I love WEN! curl size/shape/type, strand thickness, porosity? Not only does it make brushing... Briogeo B. However there are youtubers that give advice on dyi products. It's worth it when we can consistently have soft, shiny, frizz-free, volumized, healthy, a-ma-zing hair. If it works..I say go for it!. This one from Koils by Nature is made without drying alcohols (so that means no annoying white flakes), and instead, a blend of nourishing nettle, castor oil, and olive oil to leave your hair and edges defined and smooth. I find these ‘natural’ lines, unnecessary and extra. It’s my splurge worthy brand. Dismiss. Natural ingredients yield higher price tags when it comes to ingredients. Miss Jessie’s. Hair Life saver. I find it to be quite cost effective because one container lasts many, many months. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. It is the truth and a little goes a long way. I have tried it all. If the product works on your hair, then yes pay $$$ for just use it sparingly. I mean who else would’ve thought to whip up a batch of hair cream using only a blender, some Vaseline®, a little baby oil and a packet of grape Kool-Aid? If I pay over $10 for a single product I think I’m doing something, so no. I prefer the As I Am to Co-Wash. It’s cheaper and smells better and performs well. Miss Jessies is just wrong. The prices for black hair products are extortionate. It’s nice to pamper your hair once in awhile, however for me personally I’d rather go the extra mile to a salon for a full hair spa day. However, I did indulge on the ouidads heat and humidity gel ($18 or 8oz — got it on “sale”). Not only does it make brushing through tangles and knots struggle-free, it hydrates hair without making it feel heavy and protects it from environmental aggressors (like UV and pollution) too. And it makes sense that the higher the quality, the more suppliers charge the business, and the more the business charges you — unfortunately. I also like to use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle to co-wash. — The One Condition is nice. Due to the low yield of harvesting it from the source and how its stored, it has a higher price point than other oils. Also, housing prices fluctuate based on all sorts of factors. I think its ok to treat our hair kindly with the right products, but what’s happened now is these manufacturers have hiked up product prices because relaxers are out for many women. The rest I haven’t and won’t try because of the cost and I can keep my hair healthy with less expensive products. However wen (?see what I did there *look of smug satisfaction) I was still using sulfates more than…well practically nvr I guess..lol I did find that co-washing my 4b+a+c hair with their conditioner (sweet almond) did result in some nice coil poppage :P…good luck  I’d rather pay a decent price for a high quality, natural product when it comes to my hair. I haven’t been able to give away the Stretch creme but I was pleasantly surprised at the twistouts I got from the Curly Pudding…but not so much that I was willing to pay for it on the regular…… Read more », Im going to try Ojon again, I used to use them eons ago. But I do want to try Aveda, though. Miss Jessie’s, I love. Did you think they were worth the cost? yes! Do I use it? Celebrity Beauty. [img]https://bglh-marketplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/image‑1.jpg[/img], I started my curly girl journey after combing out my dreadlocks after having them in 13 years using Cholesterol conditioner. If I was a millionaire I would not go spending 2million dollars on a house worth 400K just because I have it. Just as expensive as all of these, Miss Jessie’s: Years ago I won a jar of the Rapid Recovery Treatment (it was an Afrobella giveaway). Huge bottle of Extra virgin Olive oil — less than $15 (this lasts a year) I have fine 3 c hair so my final choices are because I don’t want my hair feeling greasy,… Read more ». I rave about it all the time. Nope. Do I think its worth it? Dyi has saved me a lot of money$$$$ Yaaaaasss. So why am I paying 22 for a few ounces? Well Organic + Australian 100% Tea Tree Oil. Water + glycerin mix, olive and sometimes ors girls lotion. The effect? Try finding the product on sale BOGO, bulk, trade show Natural hairshow or going out of businesses sale. Hi RHC, I would describe my hair as all of the 4a/4b and 4c categories as well, but all of the textures have dryness in common. No. Is it just me or are the latest posts written with a negative undertone?it’s like the aim is to get negative responses. It’s not… Read more ». I have combination 4’s hair, that can be very dry. You don’t have to buy them. You could accuse them of being opportunists taking advantage of the “natural trend”. I would love to try the Deva curl line, especially their no-poo, but I calculated $160 for all the products listed above and… O_o. Heck naw. It’s all relative. They’re jumping on the band wagon and found a way to rip us off, we’re being fleeced big time. Not sure why ppl have such a strong objection to miss jessies. Manufacturers of black hair products are recouping their loss of profit from the lack of creamy crack sales by upping the prices on their chemically enhanced “natural” hair products and are promoting these products as glamorously as they can because they know black women are mesmerised by shiny new products presented in pretty packaging… and the higher the price of the product the more black women will believe the product will not fail to do for their hair what is written on the bottle, container or tube. It’s relative, right? I use a few products from Miss Jessie’s line. Is Megan Fox’s New Collarbone Tattoo A … At this point what I have been using works for me which is Shea Moisture. I am hooked on WEN, been using it for over a year! The JM 100% Argan oil is all that a bag of chips. Just like everything else try not to over spend on things you won’t use for long, get sample sizes to try them out. So many of us, have routines with the salon weekly which can add up to thousands a year not to mention the maintenance and touch up products. My go to products are KinkyCurly ( spring & summer staple) ‚WEN ( my main shampoo;LOVE Fig & Pomegranate), Carol’s Daughter ( revisiting after 2 years) , Qhemet Biologics ( a staple) & Shea Moisture (Yucca & Baobab), and , when necessary, as in last winter , I go OLD SCHOOL Blue Magic, Dax, Sta Sof Fro & S Curl.

Ap World History Unit 3 Multiple Choice Test Answers, Ichikami Smooth And Sleek Shampoo, 2010 Road King Specs, Worship Generation Tumbler, Pickled Sliced Pepperoncini Recipe, Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition, Bissell 3-in-1 Vacuum, Volume Notes 8th Grade,


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