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Frames also come assorted among several patterns and colors, so there’s sure to be a…, Protect your in eyes in timeless style! It’s easy to make a quick trip to your local Family Dollar and get the discount groceries you need for any occasion. Polarized lenses in these fashionable sunglasses are perfect for wearing on sunny days at the beach, the pool, the park, and much more. For all those times when you need just the right-sized screwdriver, replacement nose piece, or replacement screw to fix your glasses, this kit has all that and more. Pack a Lunch. eyeglass cords with rubber tips to secure them firmly to your specs. Packs include 2 mini screwdrivers Phillips & Flat Head, 4 comfort pads, 2 bridge pads, 2…, Whether you wear prescription glasses or just want to keep your fashion glasses safe from harmful scratches these protective pouches are here to help you out! In her warning, the woman claimed that her 9-year … Colorfully Printed Eyeglass Protection Pouches, 7.375x3.625 in. Get the powerful sunscreen your family needs to stay protected for a day outside, and if you’re planning a summer getaway, stock up on fun beach towels for you and the kids! Keeping track of your sunglasses can be easy and fashionable! Name: Sunscreen; Form: spray; Ingredients: Avobenzone 27.03mg in 1g, Homosalate 135.15mg in 1g, Octisalate 45.05mg in 1g, Octocrylene 90.1mg in 1g, OXYBENZONE 54.06mg in 1g; Date: 2020-05-11; … Perfect for keeping in your home, your car, your purse, backpack, or carry…. 3 years ago. Perfect for keeping track of reading glasses and sun glasses. Kids Colored and Bendable Sunglasses, 5.5x2x1.5 in. ... this item can be shipped for FREE to your local Family Dollar or Deals store, or you can choose to have this item shipped via UPS directly to you (shipping fees apply). Bolero® Beverly Hills is introducing a hydrating gel with a lovely cucumber scent. Ideal for resale in convenience stores, gift shops, beach shops, sports equipment stores,…, An eyeglass repair kit that has it all! When taking off your glasses, they will simply hang from your neck. Keep your view crystal clear with all-purpose optical wipes for smear-free specs, windows, and other glass surfaces. Need Bulk Sunscreen? Plastic Sunglasses Holders with Visor Clips. In June 2015, a message was spread via Facebook by a mother cautioning consumers about Dollar General (DG) brand spray-on sunblock. Multicolored Sunglasses, 5.375x1.75x0.875 in. Catch up on a good book while protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays... and look good doing it! Tubes, Bolero Beverly Hills Facial Gel Hydrator with Cucumber and Aloe Scent, 2.5 oz., Keep.. Dollar General … Backpacks & Lunch Boxes. Sunscreen found in: Polarized Sunglasses for Adults, Colorful Nylon Eyeglasses Cords, 18x1.375 in., Aviator Sunglasses with Wire Frames, Kids Brightly Colored Fashion Sunglasses, Assorted Fashionable Unisex Sunglasses, Men's Sport.. They measure 7.375x3.625-in. These glasses come in over 20 assorted styles. Polyester eye glass cords are perfect for making sure you don't set your glasses down and forget them. Bottles, Dermasil Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Body Lotion, 8 oz. Back to School. Soak up the sun safely and comfortably with a little help from your local Family Dollar. each and come in 12 adorable designs. Dollar General carries various SPF Suncreens to meet your needs. It's sunglasses galore! Aloe Lotion found in: Assured Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Aloe, 20 fl.oz. They measure 6.25x3.125-in. Need Bulk Sunscreen? When you head outdoors, arm yourself with quality sunscreens from Dollar General. The designs are assorted among…. Perfect for resale at gift shops,…. Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes, 12-ct. At Family Dollar, you can save on holiday must-haves like home décor, toys, makeup, and more. These wire-framed aviator sunglasses come assorted among various colors and styles and are perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun and looking stylish while doing it! The comfortable glasses come in various designs and helps with nighttime driving, has UV protection during the day, and helps keep your vision clear no matter what you are doing. The advanced formula is color free, paraben free, and great for gifting to friends and loved ones. These wayfarer sunglasses provide you with the classic look that never goes out of style without the expensive price tag! Whether you are looking for a sunscreen lotion or spray, Dollar General has what you need. I know … Cleaning Supplies. Better, faster sunscreen. Great for resale, or stash some in the car, at your desk, and around the house. Stylish assortment of sunglasses includes styles for boys and girls in a variety of plastic frame designs. Type in up to 20 SKU numbers at a time to order multiple products, separating each SKU with a space (ex: 222222 333333 444444).

Chestnut Soup Delia, Costco Tiramisu Cups Ingredients, Begonia Coccinea Characteristics, Diamond Bar Korean Population, 460 Crate Engine,


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