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To each his own! I went over almost all the reasons for poorly made product made in China. Im trying to get a hold of someone from the AXL facility to get a set of specifications and any other instructions I need to maintain this guitar. I have a fender guitar made in china with serial number cxs071131215. It's a really nice Fender guitar. Nut Material: Synthetic B… Respecting Fender's heritage while maintaining an innovative spirit, the Player Series blends authentic Fender tone, sound and style with a modern edge that's versatile enough to handle any style of music. Well, of course it is a matter of opinion. These are mass produced instruments (and were cleverly designed to be so) and anyone who has any experience of production engineering knows that it all comes down to quality control - Fender have cracked it in China. I would go w/ used. Built for players who dream of taking their art to the next level, these guitars have a signature sound and classic look that only Fender's iconic models can provide. There is next to NO difference in the woods used, the electronics/pickups are very close too. This has gone way off-topic. you read and agreed to the. Fender 2018 Leaks. Our turn is over guys. This might just be the worst-kept secret of the guitar world in 2018: The new Mexican-made Fender Player Series is a revamp of the whole Fender Standard line-up, with some tweaks and a new, updated Jaguar model. Regards, Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. Yes. I junked one and traded two. My Stratacoustic's serial number is CD04018090 and it's crafted in China. kcbuck. I did no want that buyer to know where I lived. There just isn't enough happiness in the world, and to see somebody like yourself posting messages of joy and positivity (on a topic that you feel so strongly about) is truly heartwarming. For over six decades, Fender has defined what guitars and basses look and sounds like with iconic models such as the Stratocaster, the Telecaster and the Precision Bass finding the hands of aspiring players and emerging artists around the world. ledet, Jan 31, 2012 #3. blackstratmaple Strat-O-Master. "We hope to empower the next generation of artists and players by arming them with the best tools to help bring their craft to life. Neck Finish: Satin Urethane 5. * and the list goes on.... Don't know where you got your information from but it's wrong.... Its not a matter of to each his own is a question of ignorance and stupidity. Not just the Bullets, Ibanez too. kcbuck. I have a Squier Telecaster with s/n CGS1103891. We really couldn't see or hear a vast difference, in fact he preferred the Mexican made guitar - and that's between one instrument costing a third of the price of the other. Unser vorliegendes Modell kommt dabei mit der typischen Singlecoil-Pickup-Bestückung. The Mexican-made Player Series replaces the Standard models, and is primed to be the brand’s most affordable—and beginner-friendly—line. Worry the modern player tele I bought was set up nicely, better than mim junk. It says crafted in China. Whatever. By entering this site you declare Fender Player Series. Please post more, we would love to benefit from your knowledge and your years of hands-on experience. As a luthier of over 30 years the idea that the Fender Mexico/America guitars are made of "much better materials" than chinese modern player and classic vibe guitars is just ignorant drivel. Click here to see the entire Player Series. Auriemma: DR KP Moore. The ultimate creative partner, Fender Player Series guitars and basses are the respected and legitimate choice, unlocking infinite creative opportunities for players who choose to pair their individual style with Fender's often imitated, but never duplicated gear. UPDATE: I stand corrected, Fender now makes them in China. They also have an affordable line of guitars that are made in Mexico. this guy who is supposed to be a master, is NOT ,, re: " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR " ,, I bought a gibson usa les paul and it cost me two thousand dollars and the guitar was awful in termas of the criminal cost , than i sent it back to gibson ad got all my money back and picked up and arir pro II PE ( les paul ) and the guitar is incredible ,, and it was more than 75% cheaper than the les paul ,, got it at a measley 325.00 and it plays sounds looks about a billion times better than that gibson overpriced WAY overpriced guitar ,,, in the 80-s fender and gibson dropped the ball and started ripping people off and have been doing so for the last 30 years ,, but PEOPLE dont know any better ,,, here are more clues ,, get a westone guitar or a vantage or a westbury or aria pro II , these guitars are all JAPANESE made and way way way beter than most usa guitar , they play , sound, feel , look beautiful and they are 9 out of tenb 10 times set up beautifully ,,, gibson and fender have been screwing people and selling good guitars with a price that would suggest you are getting a guitar that is top notch and should play so look so sound so and they just simply DO NOT ,,, a gibson les paul usa made priced at 2000.00 is worth between 400 and 500 TOPS ,, Moeytoons: I need a value on a Fender Squire Strat, made in China. Do you think Zakstar ever read the replies to his initial post? Modern player isn't squier. Now, the company has a new line of electric guitars and basses for aspiring players and artists who represent the future of guitar. Gun powder and noodles vs Beethoven, Shakespeare, telephones, telegraph and and all digital products. I am helping the mess with my work and my son is going to make me look like a cave man. Items made in China are bad. It's a genuine Fender (whatever that means). I hate to say it, but I would put them up against any other Fender Stratocasters out there. Also need to say modern player doesn't have any of the cheap feel as squier. You could always drop money for a corona fender. I spent a couple of hours trying out Fenders - not Squiers - from US, Mexico, Japan and China and from a craftsman's point of view I thought the Chinese guitar held its own as a professional instrument - in fact I preferred it to the US Standard Tele (but that's mostly 'cos I don't like satin neck finishes).

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