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Seriously, I know this is the internet, and you idiots can post whatever you want….but perpetuating incorrect, and overwhelmingly media biased stereotypes…is just wrong. However, in the face of overwhelming statistical evidence it it difficult to argue that this dog is not the most likely to attack you. Ass’n, Sept. 15, 2000, at 836, 839. You sound just like Nicole Cartee before her dog killed her last week. The Wolf-Hybrid has its teeth bared aggressively and the Pit Bull looks like a psychopath. This breed is extremely dangerous and every pittbull owner should have a huge umbrella policy, just in case! That is the gist of the article – the physical attributes of the dogs in the list, along with some statistics. So, you can can call as idiots as much as you want, but you are still factually wrong. This is a fear, media biased article….that has NO factual evidence or sources to back it up. Some never maul, but we can’t account for all the variables- i.e. THEY are 800% more likely to bite than other dogs. Pitbulls are NOT dangerous. And he is a spoiled rotten dog !!! I totally agree. We have the right to have OUR PETS TOO SO…we are sick of it. I am a. AKC certified breeder, and trainer who specializes in Bull Terrier breeds. Not to eat, but to foster! Funny the picture you used is clearly a dog that has been either a fight or bait dog. At the end of the day this is the most notorious dog on the planet at present and is banned in too many countries to list. We have SEEN The pictures! My point is at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what breed of dog it is, the instincts remain the same. pitts are not as violent as people think they are ive have been raised around pitts. I always feel better knowing they have her back. “shelter”), we shouldnt abuse them, turn them on each other for a gamble game, leave them outside in the cold, etc. Pit Bulls are bred for pit fighting, and are the single most dangerous dog because every time one dog kills another in the fight pit, the dog is bred with another who also killed in the pit. I personally can say i believe little mop dogs and designer Chihuahua mutts are honestly the most nastiest, meanest dogs i have ever come across.. But beware of the miniature one. If your dogs attack and kill someone you will be charged with murder. The likely reason is simple: the breed is not that popular. On that basis I’m giving it the top spot. You have to show your dog that you are the leader and they follow. A golden retriever is more likely to attack than a Pitt. When she finally emerged she got food and water and tolerated me. And unlike a typical docile golden retriever where an owner may be afforded a large margin of error in the management of a dog, the owner of a Filio Brasiliero cannot afford to make many behavioral mistakes in raising or maintaining a dog of this type. You should be ashamed of yourself. You can own a gun, and take it from there. The parents rushed the newborn to the hospital, but the baby did not survive. The Rottweiler is a medium to large sized dog with a stocky powerful body. This is just a shit article. The BREED is no more likely to be aggressive naturally than basically any other “family” type dog. Unlike other more popular docile mastiff breeds, such as the old English mastiff, many potential owners probably shy away from Fila Brasileiro ownership because of reputation the breed has for its heightened aggressive tendencies. He was my boy till the end. Period. Their reputation is for intelligence and elegance, but just look at the pic I found. Their thick fur hides a powerful muscular frame. Moral of the story it’s how you raise your dog. Weighing in at up to 55Kg (120lbs), with power and intelligence of a wolf – in the wrong setting these dogs have the potential to be dangerous. I like your point of view. And what happens when a dog turns out to be a different breed than indicated (proven after the animals capture and autopsy)? Any animal that tastes blood has the possibility of going primal and lashing out. What a waste of cyber space…. Such a shame. It is true that a dog that is working can seem very aggressive as in bull baiting but truly only be working. Good point below. When I was five years old a German Shepard I owned grabbed me by the throat; if it was not because an uncle immediately restrained the dog I would be dead. DeSousa did not have details on the attack but told NBC 7 an animal is placed under quarantine any time it bites or breaks human skin. he severa times fought with another dog…sometimes with two dogs at once, but i never had to go to medical care with him, while i have payed at least two thousand euro for the damage he brought on to other dogs. I can understand ALOT of things. Where are the responsible pit owners to do this? There are plenty of breeds that have a high drive instinct. No dog is worth the risk of endangering humans. That is the danger. Where does anyone blame the dogs? Despite being the smallest dog on the list, weighing less than 40kg (95lbs) the Pit Bull makes up in power, agility and ferocity. Bred as a fighting dog they retain a good degree of this aggression making them only suitable for experienced dog owners. Very onsided article. They need not be possesive, territorial or fearful as other dogs need to be to attack. No regret that her dog had been the aggressor and caused damage, but anger that my totally legal activity caused her beloved pibble to snap, break away from her and attack. It used to be known as the butcher’s dog but that was due to it working with livestock and pulling the carts to market rather than anything more sinister. Possible reason for discrimination against any breed is how so many terriers out there are automatically called “pit bull” by the media and assumptions in filed reports. When my son was just a toddler, my husband made him a sandbox to play in. But with a kind, loving, and stern and consistent owner this breed will be the best dog any family could ask for. STATISTICALLY over 80% of “pitbull bites” are MISIDENTIFIED BREEDS. I have never owned a more loving, gentle and intelligent dog other than my Pitts. ITS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE DOGS BECOME HOSTILE DOG YOU KNOW HOW MANY PIT BULLS AND OTHER DOGS HAVE BEEN HURT BY HUMANS?!?! Hardly pet material. I have a dog. Yeah dogs are dangerous at times but there will ALWAYS be a reason. Labs, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians bite more than “pit bulls” if you actually look at statistics. NO. 100%. I’ve never seen a bit of hostility or aggression from any of them. Pit bulls aren’t weak dogs by any means, but a mallanois is nimble, and has more control over their movements. Therefore training and early socialisation are essential. She loved and trained that dog since it was a puppy until it reached age 10 and killed her. When the mother suddenly coughed, “the dog made contact with the baby leading to traumatic injuries,” Nguyen said. So again….this article IS a GROSS misrepresentation of the breed. Which is going to be the most dangerous? Give me a break, that is based on the owner and how thy are raised. Owners of more powerful breeds need to be more responsible and stop denying the fact that their animal is capable of doing major, sometimes lethal damage. Having a dog bred for WORKING. You people telling others how they are so lucky and their Pitt is the exception have no idea wtf you’re talking about. I’ve raised Dobermans and Pitties. Any animal that is abused and trained to fight and maim will be dangerous. pitbulls are actually some of the nicest dogs!!!!! Given the name Ojeriza, this behaviour may be desired by some owners but can make this a particularly dangerous breed. Or have you just heard the terrible stories of the ones that have unfortunately ended up in the hands of owners that chose to selfishly use the dogs strength to cause harm.

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