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© Copyright 1998 Not affiliated with any government agencies. Fort Lee child care on-post is provided by post Child Development Centers (CDCs, offering fully accredited child care programs for part-time, full-time, and hourly care. Sick call services are available for active duty military members. Kenner Army Health Clinic was opened in 1941 as an 871 bed community hospital and named after General Albert W. Kenner, a US Army Surgeon in World War I and II. Main Base Contact Information. For dependent ID cards, the sponsor must be present to complete/sign DD Form 1172-2 or the dependent must have a previously signed DD 1172-2 which is permitted within 90 days of signature. At the close of the Korean War, Fort Lee had completely transformed from a base of temporary structures to a full scale permanent Army base. QMS is located at Fort Lee, Virginia. It wasn’t until World War Two and the passage of the Selective Service Act that Camp Lee would reopen; there was much to do since all but a single original structure built on Camp Lee the first time had been torn down. Fort Lee, Virginia Inprocessing and Check-In. Find information about Fort Lee, Virginia, including the main commercial and DSN numbers for the base, information on basic services, base transportation, lodging for TDY and PSCing personnel, and inprocessing. Once the war ended, Camp Lee would focus on out processing troops leaving the service, and later the Camp would close altogether. After German and Japanese surrender, the Army made the decision to keep camp Lee open as an active training facility for US Army Quartermasters. 9023 The new Camp Lee had more than 350 thousand troops pass through on the way to combat. A few parcels of the camp were incorporated into the National Military Park of Petersburg and continued to play host to Army soldiers. Respite care is also available for families of deployed, TDY, unaccompanied, and wounded soldiers. Fort Lee was also recommended to become the site of the Corps Historian and Quartermaster Corps. At the start of the Civil War, a training camp was established west of Richmond (currently the area behind the Science Museum of Virginia) and was known as "Camp Lee" after the Confederate general. Mission The US Army Quartermaster School trains, educates, and develops Army, Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational adaptive Quartermaster professionals; provides Quartermaster DOTMLPF-P solutions to operational forces in support of Unified Land and Multi-Domain Operations. The US Army Quartermaster Museum is tasked with preserving and displaying the history of the US Army Quartermaster Corps. are directed to use the RAPIDS appointment system to scheduled appointment at the Fort Lee Identification and DEERS office or call 804-734-7394 for more information. The Soldier Support Center (SSC) is where permanent party Army personnel reporting to Fort Lee must go during regular duty hours. The base is home to 7,600 active duty Army personnel and population is counted separately from the nearby urban areas. Within 60 days of construction, 14,000 soldiers, recruits and volunteers were at Camp Lee. It is the home to a wide range of Army agencies including the US Army Transportation School, US Defense Commissary Agency, Army Logistics University, United States Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM), US Army Ordnance School, United States Army Quartermaster School and the Sustainment Center of Excellence. All PCSing military members are required to check in with the Housing Services Office in the Soldier Support Center; those who need permissive TDY for house hunting must check in on the first day of the TDY with orders to receive a “housing stamp” verifying the permissive TDY. 1231 Mahone Avenue Bldg. Camp Lee served as the main center for Quartermaster basic and advanced training for the entirety of World War II in addition to hosting a Medical Replacement Training Center until it was moved to Camp Pickett. Using the on-post shuttle requires a valid DoD ID card and the busses operate on a space available basis only. The Fort Lee official site says this option is available at no cost (as long as the soldier has military orders) from James River Transportation: (804) 249-1052. Fort Lee 1231 Mahone Avenue Bldg. The sheer amount of history on display at the base is a testament to the logistical greatness of the United States Army, and it continues to build on that history today. Those living on post will send their children to schools operated by the Prince George County Public School District. The post is named for famed Confederate General Robert E. Lee, commander of Confederate forces during the US Civil War. Fort Lee Vehicle Registration And Driver’s License. These areas are considered “Prohibited routes” and are marked with cones and signs during the traffic restrictions. In 2017, Fort Lee, Virginia celebrated its centennial-one hundred years of serving America and operating in the Tri-Cities area of Virginia. ... Virginia Military Bases. In the 1950s the Army decided to finally make the installation permanent and Camp Lee became Fort Lee. The base is also the location of two Army museums, the US Quartermaster Museum and the US Army Women’s Museum. In 1947 the facility was downsized to 1,100 beds and the downgraded again in 1950 to 200 beds. Construction was quickly completed, and by the time of completion the camp was equipped to support 60,000 soldiers. At KAHC, we are focused on our patients’ health and wellness. As the oldest logistics group in the United States, the Quartermaster Corps has been in function since the Revolutionary War. At the height of World War II 35,000 soldiers called Camp Lee home. In the early 1960s’ Fort Lee saw a round of major changes. In 1950 the base as renamed to Fort Lee, to mark its official designation as a permanent Army installation. Richmond, Virginia is also a short drive from Fort Lee and includes a NASCAR speedway and the John Marshall house among many other attractions. The US Quartermasters Corps has for over 200 years ensured that US forces are supplied with ammunition, food, water and other supplies in every battlefield, regardless of location. Motorcycle operators may be required to furnish proof of completion of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Experienced Rider Course; this is a free class held at Fort Lee by volunteers who work with the Installation Safety Office. Fort Lee is located near Petersburg, Hopewell, and Colonial Heights. Fort Lee was upgraded to a Class 1 military installation and command of the Quartermaster School shifted to the Continental Army Command Service School System and the Second Army. There plans for a US Army Ordinance Museum as well. Soldiers who are geographically separated from family are not eligible for unaccompanied housing; All soldiers E6 and above without dependents are required to live off post. 15 miles of road and thousands of buildings later, Troops from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the local area began arriving at the camp for training; ultimately more than 60 thousand troops would pass through Camp Lee on the way to World War One. Candlewood Suites Ft Lee - Petersburg - Hopewell. Fort Lee no longer requires base decals for privately owned vehicles to access the post. About. Transportation from Richmond International Airport is available for soldiers attending Advanced Individual Training (AIT). A state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility, the Fort Lee Military Entrance Processing Station, located at 2011 Mahone Avenue, Fort Lee, VA, opened its doors in November 2004. Courses taught at other Army locations were able to be integrated into the Fort Lee Quartermaster Training Center and the base was able to become an all-encompassing center for the training and supervision of Quartermaster Corps troops. Fort Lee has a variety of separate neighborhoods to choose from, but there may be a waiting list depending on TDY/PCS season, the number of incoming troops, and other variables. There are no DoD schools at Fort Lee. The Petersburg Area Transit operates buses on Fort Lee to and from the installation to Petersburg with connections to the surrounding communities. Modern day Fort Lee is a census designated area falling in Virginia County of Price George. Pocahontas State Park is a place fans of the outdoors should experience along with the Chester-located Point Of Rocks Park, which is known for its nature trails in addition to the more typical public park attractions including a playground, intramural spots, etc.

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