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Custom Damascus steel knives are among the most coveted knives in the world, and we offers a wide variety of durable, hand-forged Damascus knives for sale at discount prices. DKS: Damascus Knives Shop #1 Selling Damascus Knives With over 50,00+ Users and counting, Damascus is the Most Complete and Trusted Website Damascus Knives on the market.. Got it as a gift for my boyfriend and now will need to order one for myself. The tang is full and threaded at the end so the end cap threads on to it and then epoxied in place like this I get a tight fit with no movement and the epoxy keeps it in place for ever. I asked Mark to give me the history of this guy. Add to cart / Details. Forged in his shop in northern Illinois, the Ka-Bar is Damascus made from 1095 High Carbon and 15n20. When I came back to the bench I thought it would be interesting to how the edge held up. The first thing that grabs you is the beauty of the knives that Mark Kovalsky, owner of Black Mamba, makes. Oh, and did I mention how good this thing looks. Looks much better in person than in the picture. And by the way, take a look at the sheath these come with. View Cart. There are fundamental differences between filleting knives and knives that are used for boning and cutting steak. We performed the same exact tasks with the Yuma as we did the Ka-Bar...and the results were the same. Beautiful blade and handle is awesome. The process is simple you can either email or text Mark, describe, and pay for your order. The Design: Ka-Bar: It’s a no brainier. I’m particularly fond of the Ka-Bar because of its size and weight. It was just a thought of making something colorful. If people don't understand that there has to be creative compromise then they aren't looking for a custom knife. Vintage Dr, Kenner, 70065Louisiana, United States of America, Pocket Knife D2 Tactical Hunting Folding Knife, Multi-function Knife Pliers Outdoor Combination Multi-purpose Pliers Small Knife Folding Pliers High Quality Gift, New High quality Retro Keyring Small Pocket Tactical Folding Folder Knife 8cm Brass Keychain, Butcher Knives – Use of Fillets, Boning or Steak. “The Persian Yuma. Free shipping. Secure Payments. $69.99. Damascus Knife #0300-7 $ 130.00. They’re both great as an EDC knife and would perform well in any situation where they are deployed. This knife would do well for any Biker who carries knife out in the bush. Hunts Custom Damascus Knife Hunting Knives $ 113.99. The turquoise spacers are in disk form for structure and strength and the steel around it is built like a cage...the turquoise is notched so the cage lays flat inside it. When it arrives I was truly amazed. I will be ordering additional knives soon. Been collecting for over 40 years and I think this is my new favorite! The stacked leather on the full tang handle is very solid, which I attribute to his attention to the assembly using the threaded stud at the end of the tang. Features As Reviewed: Both knives are made of fine Damascus, are both full-tanged, and both come with a custom leather sheath. Beautiful and very accurate craftsmanship.” I mean i gave you ideas on blade shape material and handle material but everything else was going to be a unique one off creative surprise. But it’s no wonder they are so attractive. We are manufacturing all types of best Quality Damascus knives such as Damascus Hunting Knives, Kitchen/Chef Knives, Damascus Folding /Pocket Knives, Camping Knives, Bowie Knives… But are they more than just eye-candy? its BMK-481butterfly knife,very beautiful.and sharp .its knife,there is offensive?tactical?or collection? my collection.thank you very much. Fixed Blade Damascus Bowie Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Knife 3114 $ 75.00 $ 65.00. Shop Now Why Best.Buy.Damascus1. USMC. Thank you for excellent customer service. Damascus Bowie Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie Knife 1905 $ 85.00 $ 80.00; New Damascus Tracker Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife With Colored Bone Handle. Be careful if you are just starting to prepare food. Well made, good balance and a lot of compliments. I’m going to show you the difference between the different knives and how you use and care for them. The handle is made of buffalo horn and secured with brass and mosaic pin. HAND FORGED DAMASCUS STEEL BILLET BAR for knife … 99% Positive Feedbacks. Shop Now Why Best.Buy.Damascus1. Black Mamba™ Knives © 2020 All Rights Reserved. 99% Positive Feedbacks. And if I’m being honest, when I first unboxed the knife the weight on it concerned is light and nimble in the hand. I would definitely encourage knife lover to purchase this knife. Yuma: As mentioned above, I believe the bones of the Yuma were inspired by the classic Tracker design. I am very impressed with the quality of these knives. Shop now from our vast collection. Although I prefer larger knives when in the bush, the style and performance of the Yuma with its 4 1/2 inch blade wouldn’t deter me from putting on my side. Huntsman Knife / WE-1960 Hunting Knives $ 99.99. He introduced me to another marine who he met in Iraq and the second Marine told me about a man in the company that he served with that saved his life in Iraq and he said to me I want a special gift to give him. It can perform tasks such as chopping, splitting, feathering, and processing game. Then machined to put the grooves in the handle. $9.00. The edge and balance of the knife feel great. I think I just heard Mark cringe! The tang is full and threaded at the end so the end cap can be screwed on with no movement and epoxied in place so it will not loosen or come off. I ordered the model BMK-406 Custom pocket knife with corkscrew, from Black Mamba Knives, and when it arrived, I was totally impressed. The communication between my staff members and Mark to add custom features was impeccable and almost instantaneous over text and phone calls.

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