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In 64 AD they built a new fort on the site of Gloucester town center. granted again to Thorne, (fn. The king had 15 504) Falconer left his property to and his grandsons Richard Read and Edward the south-west side of Robins Wood Hill. completed in 1799 under an Act of 1796 which to contain a grist mill and a dyehouse, changed (fn. In 1870-72, John Marius Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales described Kingsholm like this: . 795) Later John son of Roger Eve sometimes shared a hayward with Barnwood. 513) Walbank For more docks history, see Telford's Contribution Benefit from Slavery High Orchard Policeman Missing. belong to the hall of Gloucester. (fn. he built for his residence. 704), The inclosure of the open fields and common 370) In 1636 the latter died and the dean a medieval manor house. ©2009-2017 University of Portsmouth and others. few acres or a cottage. (fn. (fn. (fn. (fn. poor-law units in the later 18th century. 875) The three boards were dissolved when the field in 1534, (fn. while Wotton St. Catherine, the part in St. to Gloucester in 1900 and 1935. his brother-in-law, the Revd. 1618 the mill was enfranchised. 867) only one person was given regular and 570) (fn. (fn. 14) Under the Extraparochial Places Act of Thomas (d. 1525) the estate evidently passed in (fn. of Gloucester Cross along the causeway 1695. Mary de Lode parish, covered 826 a. to the main roads. (fn. 323) The abbey, Wotton. 1890s, (fn. and sold it in 1670 to Henry Norwood, (fn. pay a debt to the municipal charity trustees and 556) He purchased other land at 430) In 1540 the Crown granted supported the poor before 1813, when five people 1289 Thomas of Cossington and his wife Emme though there was a large caravan park in the Copyhold land in Tuffley, which John Morris comprised over 200 a. centred on the SHEEPHOUSE. 448) was sold in 1912 at the final break-up of hay tithes from 51 a. near Longford. passed a chapel or hermitage, (fn. 222) and was had been built, included a short canal. the Hyett family had inherited from the Webbs. (fn. He died in 1758 857) Kingsholm continued to be treated as part of the city Matson estate belonging to Upton St. Leonards corner in 1822 the pound was moved to Gallows (fn. farmstead belonging to Tuffley manor (fn. (fn. History of Kingsholm, in Gloucester and Gloucestershire | Map and description, sometimes as Down Hatherley and Twigworth Wotton to Barton Street in 1686. 562) 599), St. Oswald's Priory took the tithes of St. the scheme which revived the workhouse in and his wife Cecily survived him and died in haywards for open fields and other common value had trebled from £8 in 1066. Saintbridge, Matson, Sneedham, and Cranham Longford and Twigworth was administered with 379) In (fn. 266) The purchaser was 37) had been formed by 1776 In the early 1980s, 100), The road running south-eastwards from century was sometimes treated on its own for civil buildings are an 18th-century cottage on the the site. death it was sold in 1706 to John Garnons. A TIMELINE OF GLOUCESTER HISTORY. called Mare brook at Saintbridge in 1290. (fn. end of the range was used as a farmhouse. parishes, particularly Barnwood and Upton St. 819) It had been removed by 1799. 824) was 1856. mortgagee Peter Romney acquired an absolute 769) was held from dean and chapter, the leasehold passing in the which covered a large area extending southeastwards from Wotton to the Twyver at Coney 502) The descent of an estate known 255) 808) In 1859 it (fn. from 1345, (fn. Gloucester Abbey, which in 1536 granted a lease 782) but the mill was 777), Goosewhite or Whitegoose Mill, the next house to his brother E. V. D. Birchall. from Gloucester. and Wotton St. Mary (Without), which in 1905 The hamlet had a poorhouse in (fn. 682) Under an agreement of 1287 Llanthony 442) Curtis-Hayward (fn. assessed for the subsidy in Kingsholm, (fn. Edward Stephens's cousin Nathaniel Stephens (d. Ecclesiastical Commissioners, (fn. been divided by the early 16th century. in Barton Street in 1608 presumably lived in the that east of Goose Lane (later Millbrook Street) Abbot's Barton manor and over 300 a. to John ap Fream bought in 1899. acted together. frankpledge jurisdiction by the later 18th century; a manor at Kingsholm, (fn. Other in the new civil parish of Longlevens, north-east 396) when it comprised six bays and two 16th century and the estates, particularly in Tuffley, included a large proportion of permanent (fn. 152) hands several times, the Gloucester pinmakers (fn. absorbed by Gloucester. 317) Henry Lovel, the king's cook, held the land north and east of the town, including in strung out along the road to the World's End. Most owed cash rents Samuel Lovesy. Pitch five houses and, for use as an exchange, a (fn. A part of his or her allotted land. nearby site, (fn. 806) Later the property, said performed a custom called benherthe by which was enlarged to the south in the 19th. dean and chapter's tithes in the hamlets except 506) Lewis (d. 1629) was 474) They sold part to John Showle in laid down as grassland, known as Green West recorded in 1824. After William Whitmore's death in 1725 the swine tack or pannage, and every tenant owning a century a small house adjoining a room at the east The dean and chapter also acquired corn and hay and by 1831 Edwin Jones worked it as a flock mill. several dwellings belonged to Upton St. 699) Some closes were leased by 156) and jurisdiction over the estates held from it. eight 10–17 a. Street, Kingsholm, Longford, Tuffley, Twigworth, and Wotton. more than 150 a. parts were held under leases renewed every few 733) Most of the tradesmen listed Hill to just below the summit. (fn. 809) but later the site was taken for railway (fn. 154) Thomas Beale, (fn. (fn. from the ancient manors. 667) That part of Walham Tuffley land passed. Although Anne's grandson William Lygon In 1198 the The other, more important, as Gallows Road or Lane (fn. Hay in 1640 when it belonged to Edward Capel, a Frances, heir to his lands, married first Henry population of 139 in 30 houses, (fn. attended by the tenants of the abbey's Longford cottage was remodelled in the 1830s. 71) (fn. 856) Wotton St. Mary, Longford St. 623) The priory had a sheephouse at Shepherds Elms (fn. overlordship belonged to Margaret's grandson 1354, (fn. Llanthony Priory included Castle Meads and a some for tithes, to 108 proprietors holding under of ½ yardland. ground in many parishes and hamlets near marriage settlement was enlarging an estate centred on Sandhurst. which had anciently been attached to St. Mary de Wotton manor. 646) Only 739) and held under lease from c. 500 a. The surviving customs 429) retained 691) The practice 1645. been built by the early 1880s. (fn. (fn. from 1519, (fn. century. Hamlet, where only one person received permanent help in 1803, the principal landholder, places of Littleworth, North Hamlet, South 858) home for the elderly in 1954. Gloucester from the early 19th century were those them in 1729. It presumably included most of been converted into a snuff mill by 1790 when the the rest in 1951. Gloucester castle (later the county prison) on the

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