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You likely won’t run into any issues with game sounds drowning each other out to any noticeable degree. According to HyperX, the headset maintains connection up to a range of 20 meters (65 feet). The headset offers better isolation than most gaming headsets on the market, which is to say: pretty average. Put it on any Qi-compatible base and it will start to charge. Yes. The Hyper X Cloud Flight S improves upon the HyperX Cloud Flight with the addition of Qi-Wireless charging, 7.1 surround sound, bigger ear pads for improved comfort, and customizable touch controls on the ear cups. Its latest, the HyperX Cloud Flight S doesn’t have the flashy the flashy 3D audio of the Cloud Orbit S, or nearly market-breaking value of the Cloud Alpha, but it’s got a lot going for it.. Once you get the hang of where each one is, it’s not so bad, but there were more than a few times where I was left scrambling when an errant explosion totally blew out what my friend on Discord was saying. This headset works great on both PC and Playstation 4. This headset supports Qi wireless charging, but it doesn’t come with a charging base. The Cloud Flight S handled the ambient soundscapes and off screen blaster sounds of Fallen Order, as well as the various sound cues of Fortnite’s tenser moments without any issues. The headphone hinges allow for a decent amount of tilt and rotation, so fitting it on different head sizes shouldn’t be much an issue—though using velour would’ve been more accommodating to people with glasses. They are more pronounced in the highs and mids, leaning more towards treble than bass when compared to the original pair. However, what’s really neat is that this is every bit as true on Playstation 4 as on PC—the surround sound works on both platforms without any additional tinkering, which is pretty rare. The headset’s ear pads are made of leatherette-covered memory foam, which makes achieving a decent seal pretty easy. HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset Escape the limits of cable connections and roam free with the wireless HyperX Cloud Flight™. Other than that, the headsets are quite similar, sporting the same 30-hour battery life, wireless connection options, and compatibility with PC and PS4. Taking flight No HyperX gaming headset other than the Cloud Flight S offers mic monitoring with a dedicated hardware button. Clarity isn’t much of an issue, but it just isn’t terribly accurate, with a significant de-emphasis in the bass and mid ranges. The Cloud Flight S is built on a predominantly plastic frame, with a single strip of metal running along the inside of the headband. The HyperX Cloud Flight S doesn’t come with much in the box—just the headset, its detachable 3.5mm mic, and the microUSB charging cord. COPYRIGHT © 2020 SoundGuys, All Rights Reserved. Running PC games while using Discord worked like a charm. If there’s one thing that’s truly disappointing about the HyperX Cloud Flight S, it’s the microphone. What's the difference between the HyperX Cloud Flight S and the HyperX Cloud Flight? This is also the first HyperX headset to support wireless charging. Playstation gamers looking for something a little more console specific might be satisfied with the Playstation Gold Wireless Headset, which brings wireless surround sound console for $60 less, though its mic and battery life nearly aren’t as good. Mic quality The Cloud Flight S is the newest in HyperX’s line of wireless gaming headsets. Playing games like Dauntless and the recently released Halo: The Master Chief Collection multiplayer on PC was a breeze, and the built-in surround sound worked well. Wireless charger and sound quality? The HyperX Cloud Flight isn’t a bad wireless gaming headset in any way – it’s just surrounded by a crowd of more affordable rivals with better designs and surround sound capabilities. HyperX has launched a new wireless headset targeted at gamers who long to get rid of wires. I found that largely reflected my experience, as it maintained a pretty steady connection from one end of my apartment to the other, with multiple closed doors in between. It's not a bad question at all, as the wireless charging aspect could certainly affect the overall design. Yes, the HyperX Cloud Flight S will work via USB with a docked Nintendo Switch. Its latest, the HyperX Cloud Flight S doesn’t have the flashy the flashy 3D audio of the Cloud Orbit S, or nearly market-breaking value of the Cloud Alpha, but it’s got a lot going for it. The HyperX Cloud Flight S uses a USB 2.4GHz RF dongle to connect to your platform of choice. The HyperX Cloud Flight isn't a headset we've gotten to test, but it is core design largely the same as the Cloud Flight S. To our knowledge, the Cloud Flight is missing the wireless charging and game/chat mix features, but otherwise offers the same experience as the S (in stereo sound). Unfortunately, the Xbox One doesn't currently support wireless headsets not made exclusively for the console. Will the HyperX Cloud Flight S work with a smart TV? If you’re a console gamer who’s less focused on the Playstation 4, options like the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless is a great multi-platform option targeting the Nintendo Switch. Awesome. Can you re-program the buttons of the HyperX Cloud Flight S? Is there no hidden thing such as "Oh Wirless charger means less quality / less bass on the headset" or something? If there was one defining trait of the HyperX Cloud Flight S, it would be its versatility. Adjusting the headset doesn’t cause any obnoxious creaking noises, and it doesn’t take much work to fit comfortably on your head. The headset packs in a lot of controls, and its design saves space, but it feels a little odd at first. The mids and highs are also pretty accurate—don’t worry too much about that dip around 4KHz, typically headsets do this to avoid natural resonances in the ear. However, songs with especially prominent bass lines might have some issues with quieter sounds getting lost. In Naima’s Dream by the Mattson 2, the bass line that runs through most of the song masks some of the fainter rhythm guitar parts. Press J to jump to the feed. HyperX even sells its own charging station, which may be useful if you own other HyperX peripherals. With this headset on, you shouldn’t run into any issues with distracting noises typical of at-home listening. HyperX has been a mainstay in the gaming headset space for years, offering a headset in basically every market segment and price range. They sound great for a wireless set. What in the actual french bread pizza? There’s nothing here approaching ANC, but it’s pretty rare to see a headset do this well blocking out sounds in the mid and high range. The thick ear pads and ample headphone hinges mean this should be comfortable for people with pretty wide heads. Do they sound the same? I understand this sounds stupid but theres consequences people sometimes dont think about It's pretty unlikely. If price is your main issue, the Corsair Void RGB Elite offers a very similar experience on PC for far less money. His question has validity. This means people with voices even a little on the deeper side will sound a little distorted. On PC you can toggle between stereo and surround sound using the HyperX NGenuity app, as well as 7.1 button on the left headphone, beneath the power button. In most other situations, the differences seemed frankly pretty negligible, but it’s nice not needing to install yet another app just to try the feature. The boosted bass may make the sounds of explosions and gunfire a little louder than they’d otherwise be, but they’re always going to be the loudest thing in a scene. The compatible version of the app is only available via the Windows store, and at time of review the one hosted on the HyperX website didn’t recognize the Cloud Flight S. The app itself works well enough, but you’re not missing anything by skipping it. HyperX claims the Cloud Flight S can last up to 30 hours of playback time on a single charge, and in our testing we found it exceeded that considerably. Gaming headsets that don’t need additional software for surround sound are pretty rare, and ones that can do it on console and PC basically don’t exist (present company excluded).

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