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Basic required skills such as venous cannulation and central access device care. Patient education, informed consent, and chemotherapy prescriptions have been highlighted in this document. The document was then developed following this stepwise process. Icon collects data on the cost of treatment cycles and works closely with medical aid schemes to report on cancer incidence, prevalence and cost. Safety, standard operational procedures, recommended professional competencies and training were central to the document. Get up to date on the latest cancer news and insights. A working group consisting of oncologists and oncology nurses was set up to address this deficiency. Received: 19 June 2018; Accepted: 09 July 2018; Published: 13 Aug. 2018. The document incorporates the role of the oncologist and addresses the issues mentioned in this slide set and more with the issues relating to the reduction in administration errors. Get specific, domain-collection newsletters detailing the latest CPD courses, scholarly research and call-for-papers in your field. Current local guidelines for chemotherapy administration, The multidisciplinary nature of chemotherapy administration, Staff identification and patient confidentiality, The chemotherapy prescription/treatment plan, Recommended chemotherapy prescription content, Special considerations for oral chemotherapy prescription, Recommended content of the informed consent process, Oral chemotherapy – special considerations re consent. The ICON Chemotherapy Administration Standards and Guidelines is a single resource document that aims to fill an unmet need in local cancer care. These were developed to promote the use of the guidelines and to support pragmatic quality assurance measures at practice level. These guidelines are a resource document with high aims. 8. The ICON Chemotherapy Administration Standards and Guidelines is a single resource document that aims to fill an unmet need in local cancer care. This dictated the design of the document. Reporting of chemotherapy adverse drug reactions. The document was based on a patient-centric, multidisciplinary pathway (Figure 1). The ICON Chemotherapy Administration Standards & Guidelines document is the product of hard work and collaborative input by a large group of like-minded colleagues over the past three years. Oncology nurses in the network identified the lack of local practical, standardised chemotherapy administration guidelines as problematic and expressed a need for such guidelines to assist them in this complex area of medicine. This was done with the clear brief to ensure that the outcome would be a practical, user-friendly guide that was applicable and adaptable to the diverse requirements of the South African oncology environment. DEFINITIONS The Icon specialists work with medical aid funders to provide quality and cost-effective oncology services across South Africa. We’ve partnered with some wonderful organisations and support groups to help you on your journey. This document was then published on the ICON website for use, feedback and comment within the network. Icon’s philosophy and vision is that the patient should be at the centre of the healthcare value chain. The initial draft document developed was discussed in depth at a workshop at a national oncology conference. B.B. These novel chemotherapeutic and hormonal agents, targeted and immune therapies, and new combinations provide the opportunity to improve patient outcomes.1 To capitalise on these gains and optimise outcomes, safe, error-free and competent chemotherapy administration processes are crucial. The hope is that these guidelines will be used as a resource document for South African chemotherapy practices, both public and private. Patient consent and involvement, patient and staff safety, recommended professional competencies, management of accidents and errors, error reporting and local legal requirements are dealt with in detail. Pragmatic guidelines suitable to a wide range of local chemotherapy administration practices were developed using an iterative, multidisciplinary, collaborative process. Based on these discussions and further interactions, a final draft document was drawn up. Message from Icon Oncology CEO on COVID-19. Improved patient care, patient outcomes and the safety and competency of chemotherapy staff are at its heart. A Need Identified Why do we need these Standards & Guidelines? Eedes DJ, Bailey B, Burger H. Chemotherapy administration standards and guidelines: The development of a resource document. 15 The non-standardisation or paucity of chemotherapy administration standards, processes and competencies in South Africa are addressed in this document by using a patient-centric, multidisciplinary, practical approach. and H.B. Find your treatment centre here. Get up to date with all the latest updates and insights here. The safety of both oncology patients receiving chemotherapy and staff involved in administering it served as a guiding principle. S. Afr. Find your Medical Scheme here. For this reason, the document focuses on patient education in detail. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, This was an adaptation of the national core healthcare standards consisting of the domains developed by the Office of Health Standards Compliance that came out of the National Health Amendment Act of 2013.10 Further adaptions to make these domains both relevant and user friendly were made in 2015.11 This QA programme was modelled on the well-accepted principles already in place for the high-quality QA programmes used in all the network radiotherapy units.12. Process of Document Development. This starts by addressing the professional values of accountability and competence. It is our hope that these ICON Chemotherapy Administration Standards and Guidelines will be a good starting point to achieve the above aims in South Africa and set a high standard for all those involved in the management of patients receiving chemotherapy. Guidelines for prescribing, storing, mixing, dispensing, administering and disposing of chemotherapy were included. decontamination, cleaning, and disinfection, Appropriate & competent staff (this includes skills, numbers and environment), Issues around pregnancy and breastfeeding, PPE – looking at some controversies that exist around appropriate and practical PPE. A subsequent 2013 revision expanded the standards to include the safe administration and management of oral chemotherapy. Standard operating procedures and checklists were then developed to support the main document and are available to the network on request. In December 2008, ASCO and ONS held a workshop to develop a consensus regarding standards for the safe administration of chemotherapy to adult patients in the outpatient setting. In these guidelines emphasis is placed on the fact that competency is defined as a measure of the actual ability to perform specific duties and not purely a qualification or professional title. The ‘General introduction’ addresses the following topics: The ‘Role of the oncologist’ section is further divided into the following headings and subheadings: Other important areas covered under this section include record-keeping according to local legal principles, the management and reporting of errors in chemotherapy administration, chemotherapy adverse drug reactions and chemotherapy administration incidents. The bulk of the document looks at the actual processes that are done in a chemotherapy room by the chemotherapy nurses, including mixing and administration as happens in many units. The requirement that nurses use a closed system transfer device during administration of hazardous drugs, consistent with USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs standards, is discussed. The Author(s). The involvement of local oncology nurses in the development of this resource document must be recognised as significant. Belinda Bailey and David Eedes of Icon were invited to present the ICON Chemotherapy Administration Standards & Guidelines to delegates on the recent SASCRO/SASMO 2017 Conference. j. oncol. They were developed to encourage and assist oncology professionals to adapt, develop and enhance their current chemotherapy administration procedures and processes. Stemming from this perceived need, ICON embarked on the development of these guidelines in late 2014/early 2015.

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