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The reality is that it’s not going to happen!!! I used the John Frieda go blonder spray last year as a cheap alternative to dying my hair. x, Great review – I have recently bought the shampoo and so far so good! i heard a few reviews on that it causes damage to your hair and makes it fall out. I really enjoyed this review, both balanced and well written, talking about pros and cons & how to use it! Learn to respect others and if you have an opinion that is possibly going to hurt someone else’s feelings, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. This John Frieda shampoo softens hair and brightens highlights. Waiting right now to see how it turns out, as I have a towel wrapped around my head with the conditioner still in! Eyes Other. xxx. I couldn t be more upset over the total failure of a hair care product. My extremely long, detailed question is, Did this product give your hair any kind of ring around? Yes, there are lots of things ranging from bleaching to using other dyes, which can temporarily alter your natural hair color. yes i agree my hair felt a bit dry after using the spray but will it make my hair fall out after continueing using it? thanks in advance.. xxx. Hair Other. This is after 2 weeks of use and two applications of the lightening spray. I wanted to talk about this prior to my review because of the sheer volume of bad experiences there have been. The comments that were common on the video where I hauled these products were “It will make your hair so orange” – it hasn’t, “Your hair will be so dry” – it isn’t and the most popular had to be “Don’t use this!!”. Although I was using the spray far too often (everyday) which caused my hair to break off this and the combination of pre-bonded extensions ruined my hair causing it to be dyed brown.. thank god for Moroccan oil products!!!! This is definitely my suggestion for want-to-be-blondes to keep their blonde hair revitalized. Yes, I experienced itching and excessive hair loss for about 2 months. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google incompatibility tests and it should explain better. Get your answers by asking now. It may have been somebody's rare adverse (possibly allergic) reaction. I used the spray like four times (in between 3 or 4 weeks) and I’m getting very nervous after reading some comments about it. Age 30-35. Like I might observe a girl with black hair and think she is totally hot yet see a girl with blond hair that is meh and vice versa. I wash my hair and leave the shampoo in for 5 to 10 minutes while I’m in the bath I then rinse and apply the conditioner. That being said I would have thought regardless of where you bought it it was pretty obvious this is a permanent lightening spray and not for regular use. I've used this once and am happy after brightening my blonde. if you have auburn or brown with red undertones of course its going to turn red. thank you! It may say there's no peroxide in it but it didn't seem that way from what i saw in her video. Jet black hair. Great review! Is McDonald foods just loaded with coveds? I’ve heard awful things about peoples hair turning orange, breaking off and even.. falling out! I will never use any John Frieda product again. If you asked 100 people what they thought of the John Frieda Go Blonder range you’d get some very mixed reviews. But if it works for someone then that's fine . The controlled lightening spray did leave it feeling a little dry but after a deep condition it was back to it’s healthy(ish) self. i'm currently using john frieda sheer blonde go blonder shampoo and lightening spray to lighten my currently highlighted dark blonde hair. I’m thinking maybe two hours (since it’s near bedtime). These issues. My mother gave it to me and I didn’t question it. I avoid really like blonde hair. I hve nautrally mousey blonde and greasy hair, and wanted it much lighter so I use the spray all the time and have nothing but good things to say for it. For now ill be using it on my hairline and roots on occassion. Finally I noticed my hair become... About reviewer . The product itself is brilliant at lightning roots in between salon visit but, like you mentioned the problem lies in the fact it is placed with hair styling products. Stopped using and looked for products to help in hair loss. Sand blonde??? Brilliant balanced review. but it should gradually fade out. xx. I think youve done a really good job of pointing out things people must be missing on a regular basis. Not tried the spray but I'm now a light brown (Coloured darker I'm a dark blonde naturally) and am happy with this. I think I will try the lightening spray next to put off going to the hairdresser for a while! There hasn’t been much of a difference, though in summer it tends to get lighter, naturally. ….Oooops published too soon. nope scrap my comment! how funny I've recently written a post EXACTLY like this, check it out if you like mine doesn't go into much depth but these products are good, i agree! My hair started falling out to the point where I now have bald spots!!! John Frieda, Sheer Blonde is very new to me. In the summer I think the spray would be great for giving more of a sun kissed glow – especially in the UK if we don't get any sun! This is the internet, if this is where you are drawing your confidence from, you’re in truly miserable form. Lol, It’s not sheer blonde it’s Go Blonder which lightens your hair. Honey blonde? ive just discovered this review, and i cant thank you enough for it, ive just spent all evening reading negative reviews of the spray after buying it and i was so scared of trying it but now my faith has been restored. John Frieda should hire you for a commercial. Your hair looks gorgeous. You review is balanced and to the point. I wanted to put my views out in the blogosphere to counteract some of the negativity surrounding John Frieda’s Go Blonder range. John Frieda Go Blonder Spray As long as your hair is still growing, eventually your natural hair color will come back as your hair grows out at the roots. I definitely think I might consider trying this out in the future , I was always put off by the negative reviews of these! Being a hairdresser you could not be more correct in saying people don't understand what they are using, or maybe are just misinformed. I read it several times over, and then afterwards, followed your instructions exactly! Do not use it! Fingers crossed I’ll be as sucessful! But looking at your results, that should still lighten mine up really well! My issue here is with the purple shampoo, do you know if these shampoos can be used together and how long should I leave in the purple one? In the end she told me she couldn’t dye my hair until it had all grown out, which was heartbreaking but definitely the best option. I mean for example If you've used the shampoo and read citrus and chamomile why would you think the spray was any different, I'm glad they've made it clearer on the box but it should be called more than lightening spray just to clarify to those who aren't paying attention.

Vegan Statistics Uk, Meade Lightbridge 12-inch Dobsonian Telescope, Best Teeth Whitening Kit With Light, American Academy Of Dramatic Arts High School, Oribe Conditioning Treatment, Royer R-10 Matched Pair, Average Dollar Store Sales, Ulta Store 1585, Why Do Mockingbirds Chase Crows,


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