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Jaipur We should learn from the action of Nobel Laureate. Thanking you. How to Write a letter to the Editor for Class 10 English Syllabus How to write a Letter to the Editor ? Everyday you are late to school by fifteen minutes. Include the precautions that should be taken in the Water Park. The Editor The Times of India New Delhi. The Editor The Times of India It can result in many water borne diseases. Yours sincerely Through the columns of your reputed newspaper, I would like to share my experience with one and all that I had during my recent visit to the Water Park. Fluency: 1 mark Yours sincerely It was not so in earlier times when things were very cheap and were within the reach of almost everyone. Nitin, Question 10. The Hindustan Times The underprivileged children must be made to realize that they have the right to get education. Yon are Kunal/Karuna of Ghaziabad. Archit Mahajan, Question 9. 16th May, 20xx They must realise that outdoor games impart them the value of discipline as well as team spirit Parents should not provide them electronic gadgets at an early stage. 389, Mayur Vihar New Delhi _, Subject: Creating Awareness towards Health and Hygiene, Sir It is written to highlight a social issue or problem. But these movements and acts do not show themselves implemented anywhere especially in the underprivileged class. A little effort on our part will save these villagers from contracting serious diseases. Yours truly There are still many children who do not go to school. You decide to write a letter to the Editor of ‘The Herald Tribune’, New Delhi on this issue, suggesting ways and means to improve the condition. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a national daily describing the difficulties faced by poor families. Yours sincerely New Delhi has many advantages–quick way to find information update—more free time for other activities—provides a variety of sources. I hope you will pay attention to this noble cause and publish it in your newspaper. 11 April 20xx I was quite excited but all the excitement was only shortlived as the place was not as beautiful as it should have been. (Board 2014, Set 8L1922Q) (5 marks) There is a growing lack of sensitivity and respect for our fellow creatures. People must acquire some good civic habits. more drawbacks than advantages–students’ reading, writing and thinking skills seem to be disappearing—just copy information—some websites may contain inaccurate information no interest in listening to teacher in school–concept of hard work disappearing in present generation–balanced, sensible use of Net required. Accuracy: 1 mark Through this letter of mine, I want to create awareness among general public that we must not neglect our archaeological and heritage sites. New Delhi: The Supreme Court has passed an order that it is the responsibility of every citizen to look after their aged parents. The Editor Your school bus is stuck in a traffic jam near Chintpumi Temple crossing. Urban farming should not be taken as a Herculean task. We have collected list of Letter to Editor topics. The key word for this is caution. Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the general public towards the changing trend in the recreational activities of children of modem tunes. Kush, Question 6. Beggars crowd the gates as well as roads, waiting for someone to come out of the temple and give alms to them. Thanking you. The Pie-chart given below shows the changing trends in the recreational activities of children of two different generations. It is my humble request that a parking area should be allotted to the Temple site so that people can park their vehicles in a proper way. Properly write your postal address, e-mail address, phone number or any other contact information. Loss to nation—the draining of skilled individuals—wheel of developing nations–great loss to these developing nations. Man has a desire to live a luxurious life and for that, he is over consuming electricity. Not follow the path of corruption and unlawful means, We should work towards becoming a better global society, Eatables are uncovered people should be aware. New Delhi New Delhi, Subject: Changing Trend in Children’s Activities, Sir (Board Term-12013, Set 5007) (5 marks) Write a letter to the editor of ‘India Today’, magazine about the article on ‘Ban Poly Bags’ published in the latest edition. Thanking you. The Taj no doubt, is an epitome of beauty. The advantages of outdoor games must be stressed upon. Owning vehicles at a young age – fashion statement–reckless driving to compete with friends – clash of egos – unable to understand that speed thrills but kills – don’t adhere to the traffic rules – don’t wear helmets – don’t listen to parents – must enforce use of public transport – parents to monitor – schools to make strict rules.

Pediatric Anesthesiologist Salary Texas, Converting Truth Tables Into Boolean Expressions, Elizabeth Arden Holiday Blockbuster Gift Set 2020, Philippine Eagle Size, Mi Condenser Microphone Junlin, Eagle Head Logo Meaning,


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