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The Northern California Coast and Crescent City's #1 Rated Hotel The Lighthouse Inn hotel offers gracious amenities in non-smoking environment. “I saw this girl at the far corner where I had stood. : 707-464-3089 or Main Museum 707-464-3922. Learn more here. #VisitDelNorte @VisitDelNorteCounty. The McNulty House is on the registered list of California Historic Preservation Sites. Ocean World – Home to an amazing variety of sea life, prides itself as one of the best privately owned small aquariums in the United States. Rumors suggest Maude was deserted by her fiance and in her misery, committed suicide in her room at the lodge. Others say they hear inexplicable whispering. Locals have reported strange feelings of being followed on nearby trails. Have a spooky story to share from around Del Norte County? Thank you! The redwood groves of Del Norte County are mysterious places. Love Northern Cal? Crescent City was established in 1854. Located in the far northern end of the California coastline just before you cross into Oregon is one of the most haunted, creepiest lighthouses in the country. Less than a mile from the McNulty House on a beautiful bluff above the Pacific, you’ll find the Brother Jonathan Memorial. Lakeside Chills. But one resource remained untouchable – Dead Lake. One such visitor may have been Maude. If you have an idea for an Only In Northern California story, email her at. Leave your comment below. But is it a place to find something haunted? In her will, Lillian specified that the house should serve the community as a library or museum. There were some who fled to the lake, but the aggressors waited until they came up for air and continued the attack. “Later that evening I happened to come across a chilling photo,” Lea shared on social media. The steamer sunk in less than 30 minutes and more than 200 lives were lost. Long before shipping and logging took over Northern California, there was the tribal nation of Tolowa Dee-ni’. The memorial bears only 28 headstones but is a serene yet haunting reminder of the disaster. Would you tour this haunted lighthouse? When walking by the McNulty home, take a closer look and you may see the ghostly residents lurking within. There are stories that may send a chill down your spine while others may spike your paranormal curiosities. 3. Tours available (posted in parking area) or go explore the exterior on your own during low tide. It’s well worth a visit for the scenery and history alone, but the paranormal aspect of this destination will make an unforgettable trip. This ghost doesn’t seem to be malicious, but his presence might still give you the heebie jeebies. Address: Lighthouse Way, Crescent City, CA, 95531. Gary Honeycutt, on the other hand, has ventured to Dead Lake on many occasions. Very recently, Lea Teodoro was enjoying a beautiful, quiet morning hiking in Stout Grove with her boyfriend. The ethereal light lurks through the canopy. 4. It is believed that many Tolowa people lay in the depths of Lake Earl. Cozy up to the fireplace as you enjoy a daily complimentary continental breakfast of breads, muffins, coffees, … “We got the name Marshall just as clear as a bell,” Gary recounted. Brother Jonathan fought against stormy weather in July of 1865 before colliding with the jagged rocks of St. George Reef. Nearby Dead Lake is another lagoon with a dark past. She looked young, red hair and her face was blurry.” Lea did a bit of research and discovered a young, red-headed female hitchhiker had been murdered in 1994, and her body was left at the Stout Grove trailhead. Guests have reported apparitions in the room as well as the dining room. The address and contact information for the lighthouse is: 577 H Street The wild rivers, endless ocean, and massive redwood forests provided abundant resources. And not just one, but two distinct beaches; South Beach, just steps from our hotel, and Pebble Beach on the north end of town The city takes its name from the crescent shaped beach and harbor. Call (707) 464-3174 or email, Spooky Spots Around Del Norte County: Haunted Places Near Crescent City. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is something spooky yet inspiring about lighthouses. McNulty House. The paddle steamer S.S. Visitors to the lighthouse have actually reported being touched on their shoulders. In operation since 1856, the Battery Point Lighthouse maintains many centuries-old traditions, including resident lighthouse caretakers. Gary is a paranormal investigator who has experienced many spectral encounters around the lake. The witness quickly ran after her, believing there was someone in the house. Tel. These 13 Haunted Places By The California Coast Will Creep You Out. Rispin Mansion, Capitola. 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For almost 30 years this island off-shore from San Francisco locked up some of the country’s most violent criminals. “He told us he drowned there, along with many others and then said to leave this place.”. As the apparition passed into the kitchen it disappeared into thin air. The lake is somewhat of a phenomenon; it has no inlet, and despite the creek that flows out to the Pacific, it maintains the same water level at all times. Share your photo with us to earn your Del Norte County Patch (it’s a sticker, too!) Just 1-1/2 blocks north of The Lighthouse Inn. The address and contact information for the lighthouse is: 577 H Street Crescent City, California 95531 Tel. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: Jill is a freelance writer from a small Northern California town and lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. In the years after the sale, several reports have surfaced about an apparition of a woman sometimes wandering the house or staring out of the window. : 707-464-3089 or Main Museum 707-464-3922. Get more stories delivered right to your email. White settlers were anxious to develop the lands of northern California. Would you tour this haunted lighthouse? Nineteen people survived to share the tragic tale. The area boasts not just one, but two lighthouses; Battery Point Lighthouse, and St. George Reef Lighthouse. Del Norte County has a rich and sometimes haunting history. Lillian McNulty was one of the first non-native residents of Crescent City. We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Battery Point Lighthouse. The Battery Point Lighthouse, also known as the Crescent City Lighthouse, is one of the most breathtaking as well as strange areas in Northern California. Just a short drive from Crescent City, tucked away in the Six Rivers National Forest, you’ll find Patrick Creek Lodge & Historical Inn. Copyright 2020 Visit Del Norte County | All Rights Reserved | Website Design & Development By, Due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions in California, our Visitor Center is closed until further notice BUT we are still here to help you. Lillian McNulty was one of the first non-native residents of Crescent City. He’s also been known to move things at night and rock in the rocking chair. The ghostly figure was walking through the dining room. Early one morning, the settlers attacked the Tolowa. 1. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! One of the best things about traveling is exploring the unknown, hearing the stories and seeing the sites that make a place unique. They asked if they noticed the girl sitting right in their photo spot.

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