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Been playing DOTP all day :P DotP 2013 Unlocking - How to unlock Decks and Sideboard Cards. – Aura Servants. 23 other, […] T3, and for Magic colors that aren’t black. 1x invoke the Firemind ( or -1x and+1x Time Warp) The Liege can make your Gelectrodes 2/3 creatures (yay? In a deck that’s packed with instants and sorceries, this cute little monster goes from being a cute pinger to a self-contained thunderstorm. Combos well with Wee Dragonauts. A 4/4 flying body isn’t bad either, especially considering the Dominus is a guaranteed 5-drop, no matter your land mix. Do Golgari. You really think Schismotivate is that bad of a card to get a 1.0? It’s just to make the game move faster, instead of forcing you to constantly activate an ability. However, its utility is questionable, at best. 2) You undervalue Cerebral Vortex. I assume you havent played this much. Other than that I think, on reflection, you have hit the nails 100% on the head. Yeah, you could get a useful spell back, but you could have used your turn playing something scary instead. also i run with only 1 spellbound dragon but i added in the wish djinn. They claimed it had a 5% win rate. I went to the lab, worked my magic, and told everyone you’re doing it wrong. I dont know if my opponent is supposed to see it also which would then be a disadvantage. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... website not helpful. I felt that was very important for this deck because a lot of its cards has requirements. All rights reserved, especially the right of way. A classic blue/red spell, what this instant lacks in damage it makes up for in winning-ness. You decide. I don’t actually have the DLC today. That said, expect it to be a big, fragile blocker for most of the game. i find the fact that for 5 casting costs he’s a 4/4 flying is pretty decent and his ability is usefull. I’m still unlocking cards so I’ve been playing with act of treason, it has won me two games, maybe under rated? Since there are so few early game critters, Wee Dragonauts will too often be hanging back to block… instead of swinging in for massive damage. -Phase II: Gain some stability using the strong sweepers (Pernicious Deed(s), and Damnation). For these reasons, most Mindstorms deck builds will look very similar to what I’m about to propose. This card is bad. You should also focus on counter spells (or other means of nullifying, like Pacifism) to slow down an opponents progress.. Plus there are almost no spells worth copying in Mindstorms. The bonus of scavenging through the top of your deck for the perfect threat/answer is not to be underestimated. Since Mindstorms is light on nonland permanents, this otherwise powerful enchantment is somewhat limited. If it makes you feel better, AS can’t stop you from taking extra turns or flinging burn to the face. it has a link to all the cards in mtg and lets you buy singles. Without a way to sacrifice creatures or enough ground forces to make blocker removal worthwhile,  Act of Treason is ultimately an overcosted burn spell. Late game, it’s a decent chumper that comes with a “free” Shock. Using Vortex on an enemy is suicidal unless you already have the burn you need to win. He seems to run a bit weirdly on console (ps3) Surge to victory with the red and green “Berserker Rage” deck. But this isn’t the straightforward control from Duels 2009, nor the sac-happy mess of Duels 2012. It can never actually save you from waves of creatures, and doesn’t impact the board in any meaningful way. Although it may prove to be a fluke with a lot of development of strategy from other decks. I’ve left out Vulturous Zombie, so I play little flying. 3x Mana Leak I CaNT WaIT TO DROP BREaKING POINT ON aN ENEMY, Mostly everything I expected. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. I dislike all the 4 drop creatures but you’re right, they may be a necessary evil… I wasn’t sure how useful sphinx of jwar isle would be… I’m going to need to test him…, -1 wand Very few artifacts dominate in Duels 2013, and the ones that are prominent don’t cost a lot of mana. I thought about taking them out but I don’t see a good replacement, maybe the 4/1 haste? 3.1 General; 3.2 Deck Creators/Editors; 3.3 Card Generators/Localized Text; 3.4 iPad Specific; 4 DotP Links Timing is everything. I agree with Insanemode on doing Golgari first. I’ve had so far MUCH success using the following strategy with Golgari-. 1 Gelectrode As your only 2-drop creature, this tiny Tim is an autoinclude. Basically AS needs 3 cards to lock you out. 1 Sphinx of Jwar Isle 3 Wee Dragonauts please do I’ll give it a shot, way different than wings build? Your opponents know you want to play it, and you can bet they resisted the urge to Fireblast your Dominus on the off chance you drew Niv-Mizzet. 1 Sphinx of Magosi I’m not saying it’s a terrible card, I just don’t think it’s good enough to be maindeck. Since you have no creatures other than Dragonauts at the start, they pretty much fall asap. Other than that, the build works great for me, but then again I’m a patient player and like to give my opponent the impression that they’re winning and then suddenly pull a victory out of my a$$. There is no situation where they’d take 12, or take 6 AND destroy all creatures. This artifact is generally terrible in real Magic, but perfect for turning around long games in Duels 2013. Without evasion, this creature won’t see much combat, and its ability only works if you filled your deck with terrible, overcosted bombs. A: Duels of the Planeswalkers allows players to customize their deck with cards unlocked by defeating opponents. SoulStorm's Deck Factory. Many of the most clutch bombs (am I allowed to mix regular slang and MTG terminology?) Unlike Arc Lightning, this spell is an instant and comes with a free replacement effect. 1 Beacon of Destruction why can’t you just have one??? Oh Oh Oh… You can only steal removal if it’s usable removal. now I have to sub both and check both!?!??! Drawing cards is good. Sure, there’s a hypothetical situation in FFA where you play this on an enemy right after he casts Prosperity, but in most situations, Cerebral Vortex is mediocre. Nobody plays Archeomancer for his power/toughness, so why dish out five mana for a sad little wimp? I don’t know whether or not to posts glitches I’ve discovered with the dlc cards. 2x Electrolyze Also, 2x Breaking Point isn’t good. And terrifying, world-ending flyers (Sphinx of Jwar Isle, Niv Mizzet) are always available to mop up the board. 1x Beacon of Destruction Versatile, choice-based cards (Wand of Elements, Invoke the Firemind) give you a lot of flexibility against a variety of Duels decks. 1x Time Warp ( or +1x and -1x Invoke) By the time you get it to stick, you’d rather be playing dragons and sphinxes. Currently I have 3 of them in.. Every other deck I seem to get a 30-40% win ratio. They claimed it had a 5% win rate. In most situations, even an Electrolyze would be a more welcome sight at this stage in the duel. and only have one Quicksilver Dagger, […] to optimize the Izzet deck of every Magic Duels variant since the series began. 1x Beacon of Destruction 1x Niv-Mizzet Try to reserve this red wrath for times when the “right” answer isn’t obvious. That’s the least it could do, right? Of course I still have a lot of “real” testing to do, so I’m likely to make changes. Of course when using a multicolored deck there is bigger chance to get mana screwed, and this happened to me a few times. Think – with almost every deck having some sort of draw power, you can almost always squeeze four or more instant speed reach damage out of this. While it’s not a 5.0 card, it’s still an obvious auto-include. While Act of Treason and Puca’s Mischief are just okay, stealing a permanent (including land) every turn is sure to turn the tide of battle. Note: I highly recommend substituting blue/red cards as needed to reach a near-even split between Islands and Mountains. When it comes to blue/red decks, I consider myself a bit of an expert. This card’s sibling, Twincast, is much better in Crosswinds than Reverberate is here. Yeah, usually Europe has DLC updates on Thursdays for most platforms, IIRC. It’s possible someone will prove me wrong, but until that happens, we’ll assume everything’s normal.*. In some kind of deck, somewhere, Petrahydrox is a useful card. 3x Mana Leak It could turn out better than I’d guess, though. Yawn. Good players will recognize that, in the Magic world, “draw three cards” basically translates to “get ready to win.” Yes, you have to ditch cards, but if you didn’t have anything to get rid of, you probably didn’t need to draw three cards anyway, did you? Hey Manto, I’ve done the excact same thing with this deck and it works fine for me. – Phase I: Stall with elders and emmissaries combined with cheap removal. The same thing happened in Duels 2012, when everyone was crying that Cloudburst was unplayable. Unlike Niv-Mizzet, this guy can’t be bombed out of the sky. Its effect is perfect for blue/red, but its cost is sadly astronomical. I agree. That said, many of your cards (like Steamcore Weird or Wand of Elements) are useless if swapped, giving you a few targets for easy fodder. Even though they don’t make as many videos, T3 is also for the other T3 writers. other than that usless.

Floor Plan Legend Symbols, How To Have Discord And Game Sound, How To Be Proactive, Singer Jamaica Portmore Mall, Breadfruit In Malayalam, How To Check Original Lotto Shoes, Sprouts Stuffed Chicken Cooking Directions, Swiggy Secret Coupons, Russian Dressing Brands, How To Apply Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish, Dan Heath Upstream Podcast, Iowa Courts Online Offender Search,


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