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These propagation methods have potential application in the commercialized production of molave seedlings for the purpose of agroforestry, reforestation, urban greening, landscaping and other uses. Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. He was about to announce this in the loudest bluster he could manage when he decided it was not really worth quarreling with that tiny clinging parasite down there. My roots go deep, very deep, which is why I am firm, which is why no typhoon can bowl me over or break me. When she finally spoke, her words were slow in coming but they were all crystal clear. Had he offered shade to any weary traveler? “They are going to cut you down, kill you, and they will kill me, too,” the orchid shrieked. “We are in the process of evaluating the damage of the series of typhoons and the amounts required to address these... Automakers say 'on track' to goal despite October slowdown, COVID-19 tally in Philippines hits 409,574 with over 1,700 new infections, He will purify . Duterte signs order granting active hazard pay to COVID-19 frontliners. The old molave cringed as he felt the sharp teeth of the machine bite into his flesh, rip into his innards, slowly and surely, the steel much harder than him. This young orchid, however, had fastened herself to his trunk with the intention of latching on, a permanent parasite. Above the tumult of his feelings, deep within him, he was glad that the orchid had clung to him through typhoon and drought. Anyhow, soon the hot breath of the dry season will pass and with its passing, the typhoons of the monsoon will rage. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I do not think you know what love is.”, Again, such impudence, and yet such meaning. Yes, his roots were sunk deep in the soil and he had really thrived, drawing sustenance from the earth, the sun and the rain. To generalize, they are used in the form of round logs or posts, sliced lumber, driftwood, or intact live plants, and also as fuel, fodder for livestocks and as herbal medicine. The earth cracked, the grass turned brown and died, even the old tree’s leaves wilted in the unremitting heat. “And since you are the one who mentioned it, what is your reason for being? But how can he ignore what she had said? Like virtue is its own reward… So what if you are the tallest, the hardest. Sign up now! Of the total confirmed cases, 27,369 or 6.7% are still undergoing treatment or quarantine. It is valued in the Philippines for its dense durable wood, and was once used extensively in furniture, boats, utensils, and as construction material. I was ground to a pulp by those who believed I had curative powers, or could revive flagging energies. He deemed it right that he should be overbearing and proud, and why not? I have never seen anything like this wild and rare orchid.”, The man who wielded the chain saw surveyed the huge tree stretched before him. All through these many years, nobody had ever spoken to him brashly. But wait, he was giving some anchor now to this impudent weed. A homely father only his dutiful daughter could love. There must be a way he could get rid of her. Filipinos will be able to enjoy a curated list of free short and feature movies from the comfort of their homes. The old tree took in every word and for a while was quite astounded by the truth and profundity as uttered by the pesky weed below. One of the men came forward and gently pulled her away from the old tree. Here's how you can watch CCP tribute to 'OG Pinoy King Rapper' Huseng Batute. His joy, alas, was short-lived. With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country. And sacrifice is the logic of love. Indeed, the rains came, first in soft gentle drizzles then in lashing sheets that blotted out the sun. Manga, or comics and graphic novels that originated from Japan, is reportedly a six-to-seven-billion-dollar industry... BenCab, Kidlat Tahimik: Pandemic 'blessing in disguise' for artists. Why this power combo is the ‘wais’ choice for washing clothes, Korea’s top ramyun brand is giving back to Filipinos – Here’s what you need to know, Reward yourself with a vivo smartphone perfect for your lifestyle this Christmas, Win a Ford EcoSport, P10,000 worth of items from vivo Christmas promo, Tech signs and tips when choosing or upgrading your WFH, e-learning laptop, WATCH: SM spreads Christmas spirit to netizens in heartwarming video, How governments, companies can address evolving needs of increasing tech-savvy Filipinos, Gift-giving during pandemic? In his death throes, the old molave was stoic; he did not have to speak, for by then, he also knew what love was and beauty, too. The old tree was quiet in his pleasure, his thick trunk immobile and firm, his branches waving with each gust of wind. Around him the grass and the young trees were burned but the molave was not even singed. Look below you at the scars and welts their axes left  but they all gave up. Even to someone as fragile and helpless like me you cannot even be kind. The molave trees are uniquely versatile and should deserve more vigorous attention. Who sought his shade except some poor, tired workman or kainginero. . The venerable molave thought it best to keep quiet for a while and ponder what the young pest had said. No one has really lived if he has not been useful to others!”. This site uses cookies. The fall had bruised the orchid and crushed some of her flowers but she still clung to the old molave. Many of the trees around him had been felled by loggers and kaingineros so that there would be more land to plant, more firewood for the stoves of the farmers, and more lumber for the houses of the wealthy. I adorned Cleopatra’s hair when she made love to Caesar. Impotence  that was not too distant from uselessness. In fact, you are quite ugly. It can be recalled that the self-taught artist's viral painting last year featuring a male sex organ was valued at P196,... Maps proving Philippines' ownership of contested island with China to be auctioned off. “Work is the logic of life. A long night and he woke up to a morning adorned with dazzling light, dew glistening on his head and birds that had nested on his branches  yes, he had some use after all  flitting about and fluting in song. The old molave was speechless with wonder and the full meaning of what the orchid said came to him in all its truth and brilliance  beauty is its own excuse for being. Must he now also think of death  an abhorrent word which never troubled him before, but now it did, for all who live must die; isn’t death the logic of life, too? What had his own life really meant to him! Indeed, the old molave was the sturdiest tree in all the land, its wood so hard that if it were made into house posts or railroad ties it could easily last more than a hundred years. You are so old, so tall, but the truth is, your life has no logic, you old fool.”. Their axes couldn’t bite into his trunk, and were often broken, so they gave up soon enough and let the old molave be. But you are not beautiful like the cypress. Monkeys, too, not just birds and even insects, had many times been his unwelcome guests, but they always left to pursue their own destinies. Maybe the seasons will take care of that, for so soon, the drought came and for days on end the sun scorched the land. “Beauty is its own excuse for being. “First, I did not elect to cling to you, fate blew me here, just as fate dropped the seed that had become you on this very spot.”, “Fate or not, I don’t want you clinging to me.”, “I am a free spirit, can you not see that?” the orchid said. “No such thing on earth; each living creature has a logic, a reason for existence…”, “I am meant to be free,” the orchid insisted. It yields one of two woods from the same genus called molave wood, the other being Vitex cofassus. The rest, I will have a big coffee table made for the living room. He did not bother anymore with the answer to such questions  it was enough that his eyes were finally opened to such ineffable grandeur. He had some use, then, even if that silly little orchid refused to recognize it. “Now,” he smirked to himself, “that little nuisance will be blown away and I will rid myself of her silly taunts.”, The wind broke many of the younger trees but soon enough it lifted with the rain.

Encinitas News Helicopter, 1 Bedroom Apartments In Elmhurst, Il, La Molisana Recipes, Burton Store Near Me, Souks In Dubai,


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