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We do not provide Reach (15-40%), Huge Reach (less than 15%), This feature is available only to registered users. The overall acceptance rate tends to be around 18 percent which is equal about 11,000 students who were successful in the admission process of the school. Note: Price estimates are for Fall 2021 and may change in future years. The 2024 ED group also includes record percentages of public high school students (54%), first-generation students (15%), foreign citizens (12%), and students of color (35%). Public High School Counselor First-year students should submit their ACT or SAT scores to Northeastern University when filling out the application. The number of male students that graduated with a degree in this major in the most The "sticker price" for this institution. This is the estimated cost of attendance minus grants, scholarships, and merit aid. Statistical information about this institution, based on the most recent available Save your college matches and see how you compare to students at each college by creating a free account. The tool below shows a graphical representation of how your test scores compare 50% off with Promo Code RAPTORSP50. The percentage of males that graduated with a degree in this major, out of all females The children of Dartmouth alumni represent 15% of the accepted students. To apply to Northeastern University, you will need to have these required documents: ACT/SAT scores, Recommendations, Secondary school GPA, and a Secondary school record. This school also allows submissions of Advanced Placement (AP) credits and Dual credit. When the term begins, about 51 percent of those accepted females enrolled at Northeastern University and 48 percent were males. These rankings are based on our estimates of the net cost for a student from a 'typical' Parent (Class of 2022) on data from the most recent available year). Students interested in Northeastern University also found these other colleges to be an Parent (Class of 2023) It is also recommended that applicants have completions of a college-preparatory program, Formal demonstration of competencies, and Secondary school rank. & grades to those of other students. are registered trademarks of College Raptor, Inc. Is Northeastern University right for you? Please enter the email address for your account. Apply today for the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship. data matches typical students at this institution, based on test scores, incoming recent year that data is available. The early admission acceptance rate has not increased year-over-year since 2013. This chart shows our estimates for the net price attend Northeastern University with different The institution is a extremely selective selective school. Add college as favorite and be listed as preferred colleges. goals of each college. middle class family to attend colleges for the listed state and/or major. The number of female students that graduated with a degree in this major in the A verification code will be sent to you. Recommended amounts shown. We weren't able to verify your email address, Could you try entering again? Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Bioengineering are some of the majors offered by Northeastern University which have the highest growth. A score from 0-100 (100 is the best match) that represents how closely your academic per year that you indicated your family can afford to pay out of pocket. recent year that data is available. Remove college as favorite and from list of preferred colleges. This rating is estimated based on how your test scores & high school grades compare Other aspects of your application, such as athletics, extracurricular and recommendations, are important, but will likely only make a difference for admission if you’re in the 75th percentile range for your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. A break down of estimated costs to attend this institution. Compare your test scores Browse majors and rankings to see if this college is the right fit. We define Safety as 90-100% odds of acceptance, Near Safety (70-90%), Match (40-70%), data you provided. is furher adjusted for estimated interest accruals during college and assumes you Northeastern University admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 18%. The University is targeting an enrollment of 2,050. Please select the information you wish to provide: Prepare for the ACT and SAT with Method Test Prep. The total number of students that graduated with a degree in this major in the most Senior (Class of 2020) The 13.9 percent acceptance rate represents a 0.5 percent increase from last year. Estimated Sticker Prices for this college based on published data, adjusted for females that graduated in the most recent year with available data. Click here for the news release. Contact your institution. Northeastern University’s undergraduate application fee is $75. Monthly newsletter about college admission trends. The institution is a extremely selective selective school. As we said, admissio… What Can You Do At College Career Centers? Recruited athletes make up 25% of this group. GPA, and desired majors. A total of 21,270 applications were received this year, resulting in an overall admission rate of 16 percent. The full cost of attendance including If you’re somewhere in the middle of these numbers, remember that a high test score can compensate for a slightly lower GPA, and vice versa. Get Deserve EDU, the credit card designed for students, Find your passion and design your career path with PathwayU. Results are now available for American University, Amherst College, Barnard College, Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brown, Caltech, Carleton, Colby, Colorado College, Columbia, Dartmouth, Davidson, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Macalester, Middlebury, MIT, NYU, Northeastern, Northwestern, Notre Dame, NYU, Oxford College at Emory, Princeton, Rice, Swarthmore, Tufts, Tulane, University of Chicago, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley Wesleyan and Yale. The school receives roughly 62,000 applications every admission cycle. on a 10-year loan period. Parent (Class of 2021) The school tends to have 46 percent of the applicants who applied are men compared to 53 percent who are women. location of the student. The percentage of females that graduated with a degree in this major, out of all What are the Graduating Latin Honors for Colleg... Strategies For Picking A College To Add To Your... 13 Distance Learning Resources That Will Make O... Top 25 Best Hidden Gem Colleges with Alternate ... Can You Earn Scholarships Without The FAFSA? Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account. Balance list, maximize odds and minimize wasted motion. But, when the semester begins, only about 3,000 or 27 percent of the students who obtained acceptance letter from Northeastern University decide to attend. Latest year application totals are available for many more. We expect to enroll up to half of our entering class through Early Decision—to calibrate, for the class entering Fall 2020, the ED admit rate was 32% compared to the overall admit rate of 20%. Travel costs will vary significantly based on the residency

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