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Accreditation Annual Report Board of Trustees Institutional Research Vice Presidents Vision & Mission. Click here to see your options for becoming a subscriber. According to minutes from Thursday’s meeting, the college is in negotiations with the food provider to find savings there. “We didn’t want anyone to be homeless as a result of the decision to close the residence halls,” said NWC President Stefani Hicswa. The policies and state law specifically require the college to make a “reasonable effort” to offer public notice, but Spomer said he “determined there was no time to notify the public” of the 7 p.m. Thursday meeting. “We didn’t want anyone to be homeless as a result of the decision to close the residence halls,” said NWC President Stefani Hicswa. if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); At the last regular board meeting on March 9, Spomer said these metrics were often overlooked and focusing solely on enrollment was like a doctor only looking at weight but not looking at improvements in cholesterol and blood pressure. The on-campus housing price for a typical student was $1,200 in 2018 - 2019, and the cost of a standard meal plan was $2,000. zoneId = '8'; By law and policy, all action taken at an emergency meeting is temporary. In-District The mission of Northwest Mississippi Community College is to first serve the residents of our eleven-county district. At that meeting, Spomer read the minutes from the initial meeting and voted for the resolution. The college is making arrangements for students who have nowhere safe to go — mostly international students — while the rest have moved out or are in the process of doing so. “Some of this was unfolding by the hour,” he said. When the Northwest College Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting last week, it made no attempt to notify the public, in violation of Wyoming’s open meetings laws. Spomer said he was advised by the college attorney that the weekend wouldn’t count toward that 48-hours deadline, and they went ahead with a special meeting Monday to make the action permanent and fulfill that requirement. “It all reflected poorly and could certainly affect, possibly on a permanent basis, the reputation of the college,” Housel said. The Powell Tribune has expanded its online content. }else{ Board President Dusty Spomer took responsibility for what he said was an unintentional oversight and that there was never any attempt to hide anything from the public. (Tribune Editor CJ Baker contributed reporting.


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