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We aren’t supposed to be learning and growing to reach some imaginary mark of spiritual maturity for ourselves, or to earn favor with God. You get so much new insight and then it clicks! Bible; Sermons . What does prune mean in the Bible? We can let go willingly or fight every clip. THE “BEFORE I GO” BIBLE STUDY WILL HELP YOU: What Does Prune Mean in the Bible? The rejection of the Christian narrative has allowed for a secular narrative to take the dominant place in our culture and society. (Jesus, Before I Go), 40+ Awesome Christian Children's Books for Kids who…, 35+ Heartwarming Christian Christmas Stories To…, Why Fear God Not Man? If you don’t have the right perspective, this seems totally bizarre! quotations taken from the NKJV. Even better, a great way to learn about pruning in the Bible is with Sarah Koontz’ new free study, Before I Go. Subscribe to Beloved Women! Yet, the words of Hebrews remind us that even Jesus learned obedience through the suffering of His soul. Isn’t it awesome when you get to experience a biblical truth like that in person? God is very much a part of our … “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”, Aryn’s BookShelf: The Best Christian Book Club 4 Bookish Christian Women, Christian Blogging Tips For Better Blogging, How to Set Goals with God’s Grace and Favor, About Aryn The Libraryan’s Christian Book Review Blog, Pruning in the Bible: 1 Important but Challenging Topic, What Does Prune Mean in the Bible? Scripture Have you ever wondered how to know if you are in a season of pruning? You can also find Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. The daily Action Point and Discussion Question will not always be easy, but are designed to make these truths stick. Did you get that? This is a vital part of the Father’s-heart message that few are willing to address. Please note that I received an advance copy of the Free Before I Go e-mail Bible study. The more fruit we are able to produce, the more people we can bless with our spiritual bounty. In the vulnerable moment of pruning, the tempter whispers to the saint to give up and draw back from the purpose of God. Satan attempts to steal the right interpretation of your last season. We can be very thankful that God “pities those who fear Him. I always think of a fruit tree or a rose bush. If we can learn to abide as branches and obey as friends,we will find the strength to stand firm in Christ no matter what comes. It is a pleasant thought that all the discipline is from the hand of our Father. The test of suffering separates the wheat from the chaff in the Church of God: those who in times of tribulation humble themselves to the will of God are wheat for paradise; those who grow haughty and enraged, and so forsake God, are chaff for hell.” (p. 49). Jesus instructed the disciples of the necessity of abiding in Him during the shaking by giving an allegory of a vine and its branches.¹. The process of loss on multiple fronts produces weariness, fear, and despair. Characteristics of Prayer in the End Times, Loving God’s Truth in the Era of “Your Truth”. And every single one of them is a reaction to what Jesus Christ has done for you. Whatever it be, two things are observable. Thr benefits of pruning far outweigh the discomfort! Trying to help us understand. 17. To thank you for signing up, we'll send you a free live album Allen Hood (MDiv, Asbury Theological Seminary) has been serving on the leadership team of the International House of Prayer since 2000. Great blog. Not exactly pruning in the Bible, but well worth reading!!! You’re very welcome! The Importance of Pruning in The Bible The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). And we have a say in the duration. download and prayer guide. “…Every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful” (John 15:2). SHARES. Copyright 2017-2020 All Rights Reserved Some Links on This Site are Affiliate links, where we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. You should have listened to your family and friends back home. And Pruning reduces the size of the plant, to help maintain its structural integrity. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Branches produce fruit to nourish others, not to satisfy themselves. The good news is that more fruit is just around the corner! Hard to remember sometimes in the process though! A season of pruning brings a loss of finances, possessions, impact, influence, position, stature, relationship, or opportunity. According to several dictionaries, the answer is to: Sounds painful. I would love to read your post on pruning in the Bible! Painful for sure! Many times in our various trials, we find ourselves confused whether our circumstances are the result of the devil’s rage, our own sin, the community’s compromise, or God’s sovereign orchestration. The day he acknowledged God, he was restored. branches, fruitfulness, grapevine, pruning, roots, slope, soil, sun, vine “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. Pruning is often ugly but very effective. “Just looking at these few examples of pruning in the Bible is enough to make me fear God, and trust Him more.” What you said here is such a paradox in this world, but so true!! After the resurrection, Peter resisted the tempter and gave an exhortation to the church about the testing of one’s faith that proves its genuineness. Saul of Tarsus had to be pruned to become the Paul who spread the Gospel across great distances and wrote so many helpful letters. Though He was a Son, part of Jesus’ sonship was to learn obedience through suffering. Please check out this amazing Pruning Bible Study, and be ready for fun and faith-building. Allen Hood will be a featured speaker at Onething, December 28–31, in Kansas City. I cannot think of any other passage that allows me comprehend more just how close we must stick to our Lord in order to live and thrive in this world. Usable! Sarah lives on 13-acres in South Dakota with her husband, two daughters and a rowdy flock of chickens. You can revoke your consent any time using the Revoke consent button. No More Shame—Seeing Ourselves Clothed in Robes of Righteousness, Looking Back with Gratitude and Forward with Confidence, A Season to Slow Down: The Next Step in Our Reset, Why This Is Our Last Onething Conference for Some Years, An Open Letter to the Prayer and Prophetic Movement. You’ve never heard God anyway. To be pruned is to lose the basis upon which everyone around you measures you as successful. How Do I Know if He (or She) is the Right One to Marry? Studying pruning in the Bible is fascinating, and when we take it personally, it is quite meaningful! Your life had so much promise. (Hebrews 5:8). He does not leave them in the pain of pruning indefinitely. For before the harvest, when the season of budding is over, and sour grapes ripen into mature grapes, he cuts off the shoots with pruning knives, clearing away the spreading branches as he lops them off. Great post. To be pruned is to lose the basis upon which everyone around you measures you as successful. (my untrained observations). The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forestry Service recommends pruning trees during the dormant season so that the wounds will close during the next growing season and minimize the transmission of disease. In fact, vital to our identity as sons and daughters of God is our ability to learn obedience and perseverance through suffering. Go home, Peter. The coming trouble, however, would reveal the fault lines and character issues deep in the disciples’ hearts. In the face of great trial, we often fail to know whether to rebuke the enemy, repent of sin, confront the community, surrender to God’s molding process, or all of the above. Pruning in the Bible is all about health, growth, and having a harvest worth sharing! Search: Pruning Season. Share Tweet Pin. Abide in … You’ve wasted your time. Satan was coming, but he had no foothold in Jesus. Here are a few of the important places I see the principles of Pruning in the Bible. Jesus, Before I Go is available ‘on demand’ as a free email bible study. They looked horrible when we finished but we had more peaches than we could eat once harvest time came around. Allen is an intercessory missionary called to partner in fulfilling the Great Commission by advancing 24/7 prayer and worship in every tribe and tongue and by proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and His glorious return. John 15 is my all-time favorite passage of the Bible, but it’s also the most painful to my flesh. When Pruning Season Comes. * indicates required. Pruning Season. 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