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He is very knowledgeable and I was often stunned by his detailed analysis during the course of my interaction with him. The junction is mixed with the West and North. Similarly, 29° on either side marked on East-West line designates the regions of East and West accordingly. For average people, it is near impossible to accurately mark true north. The corner means, it intersects with two directions, so this corner has built with two directions power or stamina in it. The placement of various services such as water tank, mumty, staircase, water pump, servant quarters is usually placed on the ground or on top of the roof or both. This is irrespective of the shape of the plot as also regular or Skewed. Light furniture at north and heavy furniture in south side. In the same way, taking the geographical realm as 45° is not considered negative in almost all cases. Most of Vastu Pandits observing the directional manually, they evaluate the directions of the site by seeing Sunrise. Diana. Not knowing the truth behind the Vastu many people are inviting troubles and tensions, unnecessarily. Auxiliary directions are also called as Ordinal directions. Draw the plot on a map and locate the Brahmasthan and then draw the principal directions. Respected Resident, please read Madhusudhan case. North should always on top, this is the international standard. When at the time of Bhoomi Pooja (the occasion of starting the construction of the house or structure) most of the priests start doing prayers and religious rituals at this corner only. In every direction, one half of the same is exhalted where one can locate doors so that movements reduced positive energies. "Whatever you think, that you will be. The plots have to be parallel to the road adjoining the same. Narrow minded gossip about others.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt . Nairuthi is highly tempered. We have one east facing triangle plot which has 20 towards East direction and 70 feet towards South direction, 40 feet towards North direction, 23 feet towards West direction, we found that Northwest of North was extended, is this giving any trouble in future. The merits and demerits of Brahmasthan will be published in other pages. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, RMC Factory, Bangalore. The auxiliary directions are Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and Northwest. if I come out from my home that is west, now tell me is my house is west facing house or east facing. I really appreciate Mr. Suresh's help in evaluating our house - Padma - Boston - USA, "I contacted Sureshji to consult on our current home. Then we have marked all the eight directions in a plot or house, where the principal direction consumes 4x47° = 188 degrees and the other 4 directions viz Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest 4x43=172°. Thus the influence of 4 cardinal directions and their geographical dimensions are marked on the plot. This is also called as Vayavya kon or Northwest corner. After completion of 20 years even Madhusudhan lived in that home happily, he never have any bad incidences in that home. Both were joined at one corner that corner is called as Northwest corner. Further, the geometric center of the house or plot is called Brahmasthan. He is very detailed oriented person and never compromises with his work. This image may assist you to find the directions with degrees. No doubt in my mind, you are the best Vastu expert, I really appreciate your dedication by building and maintaining a very informative website that is helping thousands of people across the globe. I highly recommend Mr. Suresh as he has great experience with structure of USA properties and also he provides genuine consultation. Main 4 directions in the compass is called as cardinal directions like North, South, East, and West by showing with first letters as N, S, E, and W. (We heard that the word NEWS came from these four directions like North, East, West, and South directions). We don't have any answer to say to her wife for her question "he could not have any vastu consultation inquiries", we requested him that, "stop running the Vaasthu institution". Let you question yourself, "Who You Are"? For directions in Vastu Science, we take Magnetic North for reference and fix the other directions in relations to the magnetic north (Please read the Magnetic North or True North information in Menu at this link ). I am writing this review hoping it will help other people like me who lives in abroad. Vastu for East Facing Homes, get complete importance knowledge through this abridged cave den. Hence the corners should be properly planned during the time of construction. There is a total of 8 secondary inter-cardinal directions. 180° means its the South. Without stethoscope doctor never visits patients, likewise without compass vastu consultant should not visit any premises. One arrow showing "0°". After buying the house I started looking for consultant who can help me evaluating the house. For a flat, an apartment complex in addition to this 8 cardinal and auxiliary directions are added two more directions they are Sky and Earth. This image shows white boundary line and observe all directions text marked in this image. Based on international (this matter is from standards only we prepared almost all images, in some links due to some other reasons and facilitation purposes we used to outfit East as the top instead of North and that was also clearly mentioned in those images with compass mark or showing the road with West or North road etc, by knowing the road direction anyone can easily find out the remaining directions. The affiliation may lead to abortion to ladies frequently, some times SE also had some defects. We all are aware that we start vastu dimensions by locating the magnetic North by using a magnetic compass. I really appreciate the diagrams that you prepared for my home with pictures and arrows showing the changes need to be done. In this image the Southwest corner was shown. Vayu blesses with some features like mentally sound and emotionally strong, blesses with superior knowledge on certain arts, education and happiness if Northwest position is correct and perfectly altered. Eyes are the most important for humans, likewise, directions are more than that important in Vastu. In "fig-2", the exalted half of each of the eight directions are indicated with green lines. Before reaching to corners, one may try to get abridged knowledge on below directions. They know what to do and at what time. In villages, most of the elders who know a little bit about vastu say that anything health disorders happen to somebody they taught about Southwest. Always mark the directions of the plot/house are a room with reference to the geometric center of the same. This Nairuthi came in the center of the South and West. The two remaining directions are sky (Up) and earth (Down). We have to add only 22.5° to each ordinal directions, then we will get these secondary intercardinal directions. Vastu for Directions: Before reading this link, Know about "How to Find Directions". In future definitely, there should be many kinds of research took on this Sky and Earth. Here somebody may raise one doubt, in some places (this matter is from we cannot see the Sun because of clouds, then how to find out the directions, yes you are almost right and your doubt is very valuable, at this moment we must have one compass with us.

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