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This company cheats with the people, I ordered a chain with a pendent 3 months ago, all I got was the pendent and when asked about the chain they said its dispatched, when asked for the tracking number to follow up the called Askus mailed me saying that there is no tracking number,,, how can a parcel be delivered without tracking number!?? We waited for ONE YEAR, and in the end we decided to get the refund because we lost hope. Wherever you look, you see mountains and water. i'd buy another ring from them asap no rocky. When I checked their website I couldn’t believe how reasonably priced their products are. Return shipping labels are not supplied or reimbursed. Hi there, glad you found us! I started following their account and fell in … I’m so upset, do you have any suggestions about how getting my damn refund??? This is how we became inspired to … Shipping was even mega fast, like a week maybe, but the experience was definitely lacking, and they did get our order wrong. Ok so before you buy just know that they are made of plastic also if you complain about it being late (which mine was) than you will get it faster. The ring was sent by courier, and it arrived a few days later (the perks of being local!). For every order, you receive a picture of your ring before they ship it to ensure you are 100% in love with your choice. explore all nature rings It’s really not worth the price (or the long wait). The Cricut Joy, A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea! This is a beautiful and unique ring. Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. The shipping length is not to par with other companies. In addition to the country's rugged landscapes and sparkling auroras, Secret Wood has found inspiration in its majestic waterfalls, materializing them as the magical Azure Falls Ring.. Each handcrafted wooden ring is topped with a resin bauble. And while it is a cute ring, it is not worth the 80+ I paid...Sighhhhhh. If you are not sure, click here to see how to open it. Do not buy this, it's dropshipping, it's not coming from Canada, it's estonian.I bought two rings for 90€ a few weeks ago, and saw them (exactly the same) today on Etsy for 18€Don't buy it ! For a rechargable glow product, it holds a glow for a long time, and can glow as bright as advertised if held to really really bright lights, so I wasn't entirely disappointed there either. Oh well. When I saw this come across a Facebook ad I was stunned by what I saw, a ring that looked like it was red hot metal. So, I got one of their rings just last night. It did glow steadily for 2+ hours, so at least that was it's only good quality.I am honestly contemplating sending it back due to this because it is not worth the full price she paid, and honestly, it is not worth the half price it's currently running for. And while it is a cute ring, it is not worth the 80+ I paid...Sighhhhhh. My wife noticed my reaction and paid full price for the ring which came in yesterday and I was excited to check it out.First thing I noticed is that, in daylight, it looks like a cheap neon pink ring. I thought the same as all you guys that this thing doesnt glow as bright as they show but it doesThey advertised it saying it will glow bright after justgoing about your day and it doesnt do that which was a let down yes but there is a way to make it glow as shown I turned the light off and held a flashlight very very very very close to it I did that for 5 minutes and after that it glowed bright for the entire day It's not as advertised but it takes very little to make it work, my ring is absolutely sick and it shipped quickly. 99 Shipping took 6 and a half weeks and I am from Bulgaria (South-Eastern Europe) so I guess shipping didn't take too long, I have ordered my ring 3 months ago and I haven’t received it yet plus I’m not able to track the shipment anymore.. I’m really disappointed I want my money back My order #69884. Do not ever buy from here!!! It looks nothing like the rings online though. Absolutely gorgeous and will be quite the conversation piece. 465k members in the shutupandtakemymoney community. NDJEWELRY Unique Handmade Wood Plastic Resin Band Ring with Silver Foil Inside Ocean Blue Crys… When I took a few pictures and a video to show my wife, I noticed that the effect that had caught my ealier attention was duplicated in both the photos and video making this a "looks better on video than in person" situation. The ring is cute, and I can learn to love it since I paid so much for it! The ring came inside a beautiful wooden box. I have been charging mine in the sun light for a week straight and it barely glows, you can’t even see the design on the ring at night. The Azure Falls ring features majestic waterfalls flowing through a secret paradise. They shut down reviews and comments on much of their social medias, making em think they got bought out, or sold their company/design to some out sourced place, which I definitely disappointing. Ring too Large, Company Doesn't Care (Updated). idk why all these negative reviews are here lol y'all must be buying from a different source or something. I selected my ring, and once the ring was ready, I received an e-mail with a photo of it. There is a certain energy that can be found out o I agree with them, as it does look totally magical! I'm not even going to open the package, just send them back. The glow will remain visible for several hours after it's charged Your ring will charge every time when it's exposed to any source of light, including daylight! We are called Secret Wood. I started following their account and fell in love with their beautiful pieces right away. I love that the rings are handmade and they are unique and one of a kind. I ordered the rocket space “GLO Ring” about a week before Easter. It's been 4 months by now i haven't received any parcel.. I’m so bummed! Secret Wood: how it’s made from Secret Wood on Vimeo. The following two tabs change content below. Mine maintained a glow the entire night, it just wasn't laser bright the whole time, but any long term glow product wont be like that anyways. The base is sapele wood, a strong tree native to tropical Africa. They never told us anything, so after a couple of months I started writing them and only then they told us they were having problems with the silver supplier. Wear the vibrancy of the city! Hand made my but! Initial … I’ve reached out to the seller twice & they want me to pay for return of their defective product. Wonderful review thanks for sharing it’s lovely ! When I got home I put the ring under my phone's flashlight for a number of minutes then turned off the room light.The glow coloring and intensity more a yellow behind the red design than the glowing hot effect I saw on the video. Such a pretty ring and I would enjoy wearing it!! This isn’t a cheap item, but I feel cheated for buying it.

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