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Let us now discuss some of the several handy features of the Singer Profinish Serger that can aid you in your creative sewing projects. If you are working on a large or bulky project that requires lots of rolled hems, hems, seams, and sewing in general then thanks to the 1300 stitches per minute sewing speed of Singer pro-finish 14CG754 serger will help you finish your project in no time. Singer 14CG754 review  Singer 14CG754 has that 2-3-4 thread capability that saves time with hems, seams, and seam finishing. It has more than 900+ positive customer reviews at the time of writing this review. Right? The Singer serger 14CG754 has a super fast speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. Singer 14CG754 serger can sew up to 1300 stitches per minute. And if you follow assembly line techniques for piecing, your projects will get done in days rather than weeks. The body of Singer Pro Finish is compact and due to hardened plastic body, it does not weigh more. Singer 14CG754 is a good, affordable serger with 2-3-4 thread capability. You will find Singer 14CG754 serger pressure foot comparatively higher than other sergers in the market. Singer 14CG754 Review In Detail. Stitch selection is a necessary option every valued serger machine should have. Such high thread capability talks the volume of a serger sewing machine that can be used to stitch work on denim, cotton, linen, wool, knits, silk, taffeta, satin, and velvet. The Singer Profinish 14CG754 has all the qualities and features that you would look for in a basic serger. The Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine delivers great quality with a low learning curve. This type of stitch is used to protect cloth edges from fraying. However, sewing is not a one-dimensional thing. Based on the observation of course. It doesn’t matter which fabric you are dealing with (even when we are talking about stubborn knits). Singer Pro Finish 14CG754 Serger Review – (Compared & Price), Singer Pro Finish 14CG754 – Stitch Selection, 7 Best Sew Steady Sewing Machine Extension Tables, Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review (Tested), JUKI MO654DE Review: Portable (2/3/4)Thread Serger Sewing Machine, Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 (Comparison, Price, & More), 11 Best Juki Serger To Buy in 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide), Instruction manual with included stitch guide. It has multiple features and tons of facets to uncover. The features and functions of the sewing machine are extremely easy to understand and you can set it up and operate it very easily. Singer 14CG754 review Singer 14CG754 has that 2-3-4 thread capability that saves time with hems, seams, and seam finishing. We love to share our creativity with needle and thread. Singer 14CG754 serger is an affordable sewing machine that comes with loaded features and very fast sewing speed. Weighing just around 13.5 lb, the Singer Profinish Serger is very lightweight and. This type of feature is not actually unusual to find in a sewing machine but it does bring a good effect into your eyes. The Singer Profinish Serger allows you to pull back the upper knife when you do not want to trim the seam allowances while sewing or if you want the knife to be out of the way when you are using techniques such as flat locking or whenever you do not want the sewing machine to trim. These both sergers are often compared because of the similar built quality and price range. The downside, however, was the hard plastic used on the outer body and the amount of vibration and noise that goes along with sewing on his affordable serger. It also works best while finishing undergarments and elastic fabric. The SINGER 14CG754 comes with 6 types of inbuilt stitches comprising of the flatlock, rolled hem, four thread mocking stretch stitch, three thread mocking stretch safety stitch, and two thread over-locking stitch and three thread overlock stitch. The Singer Profinish features a stitch adjustment dial that lets you adjust the tension, length and width of the stitch. It takes some time and practice to sew at full speed. This Singer ProFinish serger does more than just seams and seam finishes. Then this is the key this 3-thread overlock provides a professional finish that is widely used to sew on fine edge finish on silk wear, skirt finish, trendy lettuce edges, or on decorative clothing. On the front face of Singer ProFinish, you will find an easy access lever that you can adjust according to your need to move stitch finger in position for rolled hemming. Till around 1,000 stitches/minute, the machine is fairly quiet; however, when it reaches speeds of 1,200/minute – 1,300/minute, it is rather noisy, which prevents you from using it for prolonged periods of time. If you are looking for a serger that can help you get that professional finish to your sewing project then you must have this 2-3-4 thread capability Singer 14CG754 serger. Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine Review By Maria Ngan January 15, 2018 Serger machines are like the cherries to a sewing machine’s ice cream; while they’re good on their own, they really shine in combination with one another. Also Read: Top 10 Best Singer Sergers To Buy. Well, at first glance the appearance of the SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish has a pattern that is color coded with a threading system. The 4-thread mock stretch stitch pattern comes in very handy when you’re sewing knit fabric. When not in use, keep the machine covered. Select this stitch option to construct a reliable safety stitch to protect the edges from fraying or unwanted tearing. One of them is serging. While you can use the Singer Profinish Serger to sew various types of fabrics, including thick materials and also several layers, it does not work very well and does not produce good stitches on very thick fabrics such as reptile skin, etc. You have entered an incorrect email address! Singer 14CG754 is capable of trims and overcasts to provide reliable and durable seams to protect the edges and give professional finish each and every time. The Singer Profinish Serger offers good-quality professional stitching. The sewing machine has an adjustable differential feed that ensures that the feed is uniform for perfect seams of all types of fabrics without bunching, puckering or breaking. by Ann B. Reagan - Last updated September 18, 2020. Actually, it goes way beyond beginner’s needs. You can select from a range of different types of stitches for the purpose of basic, decorative, buttonhole sewing, etc. The threading path for each of the threads is indicated by a specific color, which makes the entire threading process simple. There are different types of stitches that ensure that you get the perfect stitch irrespective of the project – flat locking, blind hems, rolled hems, sewing seams and finishing edges. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Do you wonder how dress from shopping malls have a smooth finish? It also explains about handy reference charts and explains the use of accessories. Beginners often struggle while threading the lower looper, however with Pronish the guide will be helpful in making sure you thread it correctly. The Singer Profinish Serger has a higher presser foot lifter compared to other models, which offers clearance and allows you to place several layers of fabric under the foot. Hard plastic protects the body and reduces the overall weight of the machine and as a result, you can easily lift this sewing machine and take from your home to workplace or craft class without causing strain in your hand. Just follow the printed diagram and lay-in the threads according to the color and you will be fine. This also prevents loose fabrics from getting stretched out. It has 2/3/4 thread configuration as well. Hence having a plastic body is not my biggest concern when I can give professional finishing to my project without burning a big hole in my pocket. SINGER 14CG754 SERGER SEWING MACHINE REVIEW. If you want to save thread and still wants to construct beautiful decorative effects in your project then use this stitch option. The free arm is widely popular and in-demand sewing machine features because it helps you enjoy the true potential of 1300 stitches per minute speed and you will be able to sew sleeves, cuffs, buttonholes, curtains, cylindrical tasks, and any hard to reach the area quickly.

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