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As usual, I moved over to my trusty Spyderco Sharp-maker. Matières des pierres à aiguiser : laquelle est la meilleure ? Lot de 2 pièces, Tige d’aiguisage en céramique de haute qualité adaptée, entre autres, au Sharpmaker de Spyderco. Ceramic stones tend to be finer where diamonds can be made much coarser. La durée de lecture du DVD est d’environ 20 minutes. C’est aussi simple que cela. At ¼ of an inch it will need to be raised off of the table for some larger handled knives but it is not uncommon to have to make a special holder for bench stones anyway. Tellement simple que cela semble même trop facile, et pourtant c’est un système fantastique ! The ceramic file set also includes the timeless round ceramic stick design that many of us know well, and would be great alone carried in a pen slot inside the pack. Post by VashHash » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:27 pm . The larger side works better to hone convex edges; the roundness gives a more forgiving edge if you are using the stone to touch up your convex edge in the field. 2 tiges en saphir de grain moyen. The handiness and originality combined with each “niche” that the stone’s shapes fill really show how useful various stones can be. novice en matière d'aiguisage, j'ai choisi le sharpmaker pour sa relative facilité d'emploi, et suis plutot satisfait des résultats obtenus sur mes Spyderco. An average of 22 seconds longer was necessary to restore the edge on blunt knives, but they proved worth it, by providing much better sharpness (+20%) compared to the knives which were sharpened with the Lansky system. One side is much larger and rounder than the other side. Just what was so important about this ceramic that set it apart from all the other concrete coarse sharpeners out there? The extremely fine micron size must be part of the reason that the stones put such a keen edge on the knife. The cheap $5 ceramic stick made me cringe as the coarse cement scraping sound screeched from the edge of the knife. Il est également possible d’affiner une lame de couteau avec le Sharpmaker. They’re less abrasive, excelling at polishing and professionally finishing edges. The white alumna ceramic sharpeners from Spyderco are designed for people who take knives out into the field that are already sharp. Cela vaut aussi pour les ciseaux, ciseaux à bois et rasoirs dont le Sharpmaker sait s’occuper à merveille. (couleur brun/gris). Le Sharpmaker est un outil fiable sur lequel on peut toujours compter et qui de plus, peut être utilisé par tout un chacun. Item # SC303FCBN2. Both the brown stones and the white stones are fragile though, due to their ceramic nature. Who knows, you may be as smitten with the simple abrasive as this author. $70.00 $ 70. Cliquez ici pour lire l'évaluation.. Outil simple et efficace qui permet d'aiguiser + ou - fort tous mes couteaux. By far the most handy field stone is the Double Stuff sharpener which Spyderco manufactures. Le Sharpmaker est livré avec un manuel d’instructions complet avec photos et même un DVD dans lequel l’inventeur, Sal GLesser explique clairement le fonctionnement du système d’aiguisage. The ceramic stones are used dry so there is no oil/water mess while working, and you use normal kitchen/bathroom cleaning products to clean the stones when clogged. Once I get my Frankenstein knife modification shop into place, I plan to have this stone, a Norton double sided India stone, and a large strop all next to each other to make a molecule slicing edge on any piece of steel requiring it. A square sharpener is the first of the bunch, offering four different sides to put an edge on your blade. . Matériau : saphir synthétique Ultrafin, Pour ceux qui aiment les produits de qualité, Spyderco 204CBN Cubic Boron Nitride, tiges d'aiguisage, Spyderco Barre d'aiguisage en céramique, moyen, Spyderco - 204D Barres d'affûtage diamant, Spyderco Tige d'aiguisage en céramique, ultrafin, Cinq raisons d’aiguiser soi-même ses couteaux. 1 base noire en plastique avec plusieurs options de placement des tiges en saphir. Vous le trouverez dans les combideals proposés ci-dessous. If you are in a catch and release situation, a sharper hook that doesn’t damage the fish as much is a definite plus. If you want to take serious amounts of metal off at once, I would suggest a file, then using one of Spyderco’s brown stones to clean … You have four sides available with this stone, and you can use them one at a time until all four sides are dark. The so-called “sharpening stone” was on special from the catalog for a reason. I was enthralled when I found out that they make stand alone sharpeners in the same ceramic that they use for the Sharpmaker. La base peut également être vissée sur un plan de travail au moyen de trous pré-percés. Le Spyderco Sharpmaker fonctionne avec des tiges d’aiguisage en céramique de haute qualité dont la dureté s’approche de celle du diamant. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur les cookies. Pour les couteaux très émoussés, nous conseillons les tiges d’aiguisage grossières. They also make a very large alumina ceramic stone 8 inches long and 3 inches wide–known as their Bench Stone. De grandes marques de couteaux telles que Buck et Chris Reeve conseillent cet aiguiseur ainsi que de nombreux utilisateurs enthousiastes (dont nous faisons partie). Speaking of convex edges, all of the ceramic sharpeners (except the Sharpmaker) come with a suede pouch. Those who have to fish with barb-less fish hooks, such as in a protected trout area, would be wise to invest in a hook sharpener that can put a fine edge on points as well. The Sharpening Supplies Difference. Our full selection of sharpening products now includes everything from small, lightweight stones that are ideal for touch-ups in the field to our versatile Sharpmaker system that takes the mystery out of sharpening virtually any cutting tool�including serrated edges. The Slip Stone is round on both of the longer ends. (couleur blanche). Spyderco - Fine Grit Golden Stone Sharpener with Seude Case - Ceramic Stone - 308F. Les angles d’aiguisage sont prédéfinis; un bon résultat est toujours au rendez-vous, même avec les couteaux les plus durs. I use it to sharpen dissecting tools such as a pointed metal object used to pull out insect organs. Cet appareil convient particulièrement pour les couteaux déjà en bon état. La polyvalence des tiges d’aiguisage permet aussi de les utiliser (après un certain entraînement) à la volée pour les tâches d’aiguisage plus compliquées. The Spyderco reps at the shows use a ceramic cleaning device made by Lansky, called the Eraser Block because it is hard to get to a sink during knife shows. I had adopted this set up as my main field kit, until one day I happened to stumble onto other sharpeners that Spyderco made. Pour les couteaux très émoussés, nous conseillons les tiges d’aiguisage grossières. The round part of the stone helps follow the rounded bevel better. En poursuivant votre navigation vous déclarez accepter leur utilisation. Des milliers d’utilisateurs dans le monde entier entérinent le fonctionnement simple et efficace de cet article.

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