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I cannot imagine a better way to present this magnificent discovery, which can easily appear so trivial. [2] Many seats in the lecture hall had to be removed in order to make room for the camera track and studio lights. The new meaning of space and time make it necessary to formulate a new mechanics. Many properties of light are properties of waves, including reflection, refraction, and diffraction. [17] The goal was to avoid putting the viewers' "brains into a 60-cycle hum", without sacrificing rigor; the creators intended that students could learn the overall gist of each derivation from the animation, and then study the details using the accompanying textbook. The basics of the capacitor, with a historical emphasis on. [9], The series was originally planned to consist of 26 episodes. [28] The reviewers also found the "algebraic ballet" of computer-animated equations too fast to follow: "After a short time, one yearns for a live professor filling the blackboard with equations". Some concepts apply generally to all vector fields and are useful both in electromagnetism and in the study of fluid flow. Some portions, such as explanations of particular technical details, were narrated by Sally Beaty, the show's executive producer. [18]) One commenter deemed these animations "particularly useful in providing students with subjective insights into dynamic three-dimensional phenomena such as magnetic fields". [2] After advising the production of The Mechanical Universe, Apostol decided that a similar series, geared to high-school mathematics, would be beneficial. However, as more-recent expositions have emphasized, the catastrophic oscillations that destroyed the bridge were not due to simple mechanical resonance, but to a more complicated interaction between the bridge and the winds passing through it—a phenomenon known as aeroelastic flutter. The sheer difficulty of the problem he faced and the elegance of the method he applied to solve it are abundantly clear. And it doesn't make any difference at all if you say, "All right, you don't know where it's going, but where is it really going?" Force fields have definite properties of their own suitable for scientific study. This phenomenon is a kind of "self-sustaining vibration" that lies beyond the regime of applicability of the linear theory of the externally-driven simple harmonic oscillator.[45][46]. This adaptation, for which a dozen high-school teachers and administrators were consultants, was supported by a $650,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The companion text [...] was placed on library reserve for the course but was not extensively utilized by students.[31]. By careful and precise measurement, Michelson and Morley tried to detect the Earth's motion through this medium, the ". When is electricity dangerous or benign, spectacular or useful? [39] Other awards received by The Mechanical Universe include the 1986 Gold Award from the Birmingham International Film Festival, two "Cindy" awards from the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators (1987 and 1988), a Gold Award (1985) and a Silver Award (1987) from the International Film and TV Festival of New York, Silver (1986) and Gold Apple (1987) awards from the National Educational Film and Video Festival, and a Gold Plaque (1985) from the Chicago International Film Festival. Seeing an example of Blinn's computer animation for the first time convinced Apostol that the series could bring mathematics "to life in a way that cannot be done in a textbook or at the chalkboard". [14] This became the later Caltech series Project Mathematics!, which also featured computer animation by Blinn. [40][41], Goodstein received the 1999 Oersted Medal for his work in physics education, including The Mechanical Universe. [8], Many other video segments were shot on location, for example at a Linde industrial plant that produced liquid air. With an analysis of simple harmonic motion and a stroke of genius, Newton extended mechanics to the propagation of sound. [35], A 2005 column in The Physics Teacher suggested The Mechanical Universe as preparatory viewing for instructors attempting to teach physics for the first time. The 1985-86 series was produced by Caltech and INTELECOM, a nonprofit consortium of California community colleges now known as Intelecom Learning, with financial support from Annenberg/CPB. The study of thermodynamics begins with gases. [13] When test screenings to humanities students revealed that their greatest difficulty learning calculus was a weak background in trigonometry, Apostol wrote a primer on the subject to be distributed with the telecourse. [1][2][25] The total cost of the project was roughly $10 million.[26]. However, we seldom get that kind of detailed information.[26]. Electric currents create, and are influenced by. The animation was used without licensing, and consequently, Caltech and Intelecom sued Carolco Pictures for $3 million. An overview of the subject matter for the latter half of the series. That is the nature of the world we live in. A look at the Platonic theory of uniform circular motion. [24] The show was one of the first twelve projects funded by the initial $90 million pledge the Annenberg Foundation gave to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the early 1980s. How falling bodies behave and an introduction to the. The precise orbit of a heavenly body - a planet, asteroid, or comet - is fixed by the laws of conservation of energy and angular momentum. [34] In a 1993 review of the series, a science historian stated that he had used episodes in his classes for several years, naming "Kepler's Three Laws" and "The Michelson–Morley Experiment" as his personal favorites. S1, Ep10. [3] Computer animation presented derivations in step-by-step detail, but rapidly and with touches of whimsy, such as algebraic terms being canceled by a Monty Python-esque stomping foot or the hand of God from Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Negative reactions generally had less to do with the intrinsic perceived quality of the episodes than with the time the science-history material took away from content seen as "critical exam-preparing instruction". [50] Caltech also posted on YouTube a series of short videos made by Blinn to demonstrate the show's computer animation at SIGGRAPH conferences. According to one of the major laws of physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed. Gilbert discovered that the earth behaves like a giant magnet. Beyond the Mechanical Universe.

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