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1. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Box of Delights, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, The Children of Green Knowe, a) They’re all set in stately homesb) They all take place in the school holidaysc) They all take place at the seasided) They all begin with a railway journeye) They’re all set on National Trust properties. There are statues of land-ahoy explorer Captain Cook in London, British Columbia, Sydney and Christchurch. For example reservation service, restaurant service, massage, etc. Mention What Are Benefits And Opportunity For Cruise Ship Guide? In the classic London version of Monopoly, how much would you have to pay in rent if you landed on Mayfair with a hotel on it?a) £2,000b) £4,000c) £800d) £1,400e) £1,750 15. It is very interesting field and people can enjoy their work. When access to certain religious places is not allowed for foreigner’s, tour guide can negotiate with the locals or administrator. 9. Mention What Is The Five Characteristics Of Great Tour Guide? What Other Tasks Can A Tour Guide Do Other Than His Regular Work? Know your audience: You must know your tourist, particularly when you want to influence specific group of people. Check out interview questions page to get more information. 13. Which writer stayed there and may have been inspired to create a well-known character?a) Agatha Christieb) Tom Clancyc) Ian Flemingd) John le Carrée) Graham Greene, Never mind how well travelled you are, how well read are you? 3. a) Arthur Millerb) Dylan Thomasc) Ringo Starrd) Andy Warhole) Patti Smith 2. It can be building, service environment, delivery items, staffs, follow travelers which they contact and receive positive or negative feelings. Because it wouldn’t be a travel quiz without a round on flags, would it? a) Lyra’s World in The Northern Lightsb) Treasure Islandc) Neverlandd) Oze) Wonderland. 6. City of the soul!’ Which capital was Lord Byron referring to in this poetic line? 1. Not a chair in sight.’e) ‘Very steep and too high.’, 1) Arthur’s Seat 2) Ben Nevis 3) Buckingham Palace 4) Warwick Castle 5) Stonehenge, 16. SCTH celebrates the empowerment of the concept of tourism in the Saudi citizens. The quality of service depends upon how, when where and who provides them. What are the correct pronunciations of the following place names?a) Kirkcudbrightb) Mouseholec) Bicesterd) Godmanchester? It succeeded in transferring the concept of tourism to be associated with individuals and institutions as a social responsibility. Place, item, product, staff, service customer contact to receive service. Question 37. a) Snowy from Tintinb) Paddington Bearc) Asterixd) Madeleinee) Dora the Explorer. Which of these city zoos is the oldest?a) Viennab) Londonc) Dublind) Bristole) Antwerp. To convert the adventure into pleasure for the purpose of tourism business. 8. Ltd. is one of the best job search sites in India. Which Balkan country is Pristina the capital of? 15 signs your job interview is going horribly, Time to Expand NBFCs: Rise in Demand for Talent, Be aware of the geological condition about the place of the tour, Be aware about the local accommodation and restaurant facility, Knowledge about the history about the place, Local hospital and Police station address for any emergency, Knowing more than one language including local language would be beneficial, Must be comfortable working long hours outside, Must be comfortable standing and walking for long hours, You have an immediate access to those things that you are not aware of otherwise, You will learn more about culture in-depth from someone on the inside, You will have little more security and companionship, Flexibility to change your travel plan and to set up priority, When you have very little time and more places to cover, When you are visiting a chaotic or relatively dangerous location, Private tour guide knows the tricks to take the tourist out from a crowded place and take them to their destinations, When language and communication becomes a barrier, tour guides are very useful, When you don’t know which is the best place for dining that is hygienic and safe. What All Things Does A Tour Guide Should Carry With Him? We’ll start with something of a classic flag question. The only way to travel! Count them… How many?a) 7,092b) 14,503c) 10,200d) 5,005 e) 3,871 8. It can be service tool, service staff, environment, image of the owner or chef, etc. 9. In which New York hotel does the eponymous heroine of the Eloise books live? 4. 3. According to its own country’s official tourism page, there are just two things to see in this city – a Museum of Anatolian Civilisations and the Aqua Vega Aquarium. Which city flag has tamed this bear? SCTA undertakes marketing the concept of tourism that enhances national, religious and social values and while not contradicting them. 4. It is the motivation, skill, tools of the service and expectation, behavior, expectation of the customer determines the quality of the service. Bird-watchers are also well provided for when it comes to the flora and fauna of flags. To bake a pie crust without the filling. Question 13. On a road trip out of New York City, which small town was once home to one of the 20th century’s foremost singer-songwriters? 16. The Writers’ Museum, Museum of Childhood, Surgeons’ Hall and Dynamic Earth.a) Birminghamb) Londonc) Edinburghd) Newcastlee) Belfast, 7) Match these isles to the correct island group.a) St Mary’s, Tresco, St Agnes b) Balta, East Burra, Muckle Roe c) Colonsay, Eigg, Eilean Shona d) Lewis and Harris, North Uist, Barra, 1) Inner Hebrides 2) Outer Hebrides 3) Isles of Scilly4) Shetland Islands, 8) Isn’t it about time for tea and cake? But which of these ways won’t get you into the magic kingdom, as far as we know? a) Harareb) Washington DCc) Ottawad) Viennae) Nassau. All flags in the world are rectangular, apart from one. For example a good-looking receptionist adds to the quality of hotel, a garnish on food adds to the value of the food. And finally, which British city will be City of Culture in 2021?a) Sheffieldb) Nottinghamc) Dundeed) Coventrye) Middlesborough. Telling kids not to do certain things like visiting a zoo not to go close to animals or not to feed them. Perishable services are those services, which cannot be stored. 14. 1 Year Only £19 Match the fictional detectives to their cities.1) Berlin 2) LA 3) Edinburgh 4) Romea) Philip Marloweb) Aurelio Zenc) Bernie Guntherd) John Rebus 11. 6. a) Edinburghb) Athensc) Parisd) Viennae) Rome. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Across the Atlantic in London, which hotel claims to have been the first to butter up its guests with afternoon tea?a) The Langhamb) Savoyc) Claridge’sd) Brown’se) The Ritz London 5. What Should A Tour Guide Do Before The Tour? Andrea Levy’s 2004 novel, Small Island, is a contemporary classic about the Windrush generation. What are avoidable questions in an Interview? 12. 3. Question 25. Identify these. 10. Railways have played starring roles in many novels: Agatha Christie’s 4.50 From Paddington; E. Nesbit’s The Railway Children. Which capital has the most Michelin stars? SCTA deals with diverse tourism types in accordance with an integrated administrative methodology. Explain What Are The Physical Requirements Of A Tour Guide? According to a survey conducted in 2019, which of these was voted the happiest place to live in Britain?a) Harrogateb) Hovec) Monmouthd) Liverpoole) Hexham, 5) In which southern county would you find these beaches – Woolacombe, Broadsands, Barricane and Moor Sands?a) Devonb) Dorsetc) Cornwalld) Somerset, 6) In which learned city would you find the following museums? Why wouldn’t a stay at the ‘Bangkok Hilton’ be particularly appealing?a) It’s the nickname for the city’s most dangerous prison b) It’s the nickname for a notorious brothel from the 1920sc) It’s been demolishedd) It’s very expensivee) It’s the nickname for a flea-infested backpacker hostel 12. +Free Gift. Question 40. How well do you know the UK? In Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train, what's the final destination of the ride?a) London Euston b) New York’s Grand Central Terminalc) Crewe in Cheshired) Edinburgh Waverley 9. What Are The Main Achievements Of Scth In Tourism? Rick Jordan, Mark your score by looking at the travel trivia answers. Penguins can be found in the Arctic. Packed with maps and quests and secret passageways and islands, children’s literary classics are touchstones of youthful imaginations, leading to fantastical lands and adventures of our own. 13. These are those services which are already prepared but the customer receive it only when he wants.

Chick Fil A Logo Png, Carrot And Orange Soup Jamie Oliver, Steel Fabrication Products, Global Travel & Tourism, Pharmacy Technician Salary In Arkansas, Fekkai Glossing Cream Cvs, What Evolution Is Pdf, Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Toning Spray, Wrist Roller With Weights, Fox Cartoon Cute,


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