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It's a fabulous way to dress up any simple chicken dish. Don't leave out the fresh sage and parsley. Even if the traditional recipe doesn’t call for stock, however, you can almost always switch stock in for another ingredient. Grains are an important part of any diet because they provide the carbohydrates that serve as the body’s main source of energy. This hot and sour soup recipe calls for bamboo shoots, which are generally sold canned in the ethnic food aisle at your local grocer’s, but you could try substituting with asparagus or coconut shoots. And you're right. Add stock and wine to a saucepan, and reduce by over half (this will take about 40 minutes). We like using stock for soups where the liquid is the star, like chicken and dumplings, lemony turkey rice soup and French lentil and carrot soup. Wait five minutes, and voila! Stir-frying vegetables is just like sauteing, only over very high heat. According to this mashed potatoes recipe, the secret to heavenly mashed potatoes is to use Yukon gold potatoes rather than russets. Bring the stock to a boil, add ¼ teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon butter (optional), and 1 cup rice; simmer, covered, for about 15 minutes until all liquid is absorbed. The possibilities are endless! Celery, onion, mushrooms, dried cranberries, and pecans all add delicious texture. Braised chicken makes a fabulous dinner that is simple to prepare. Each 14-ounce can of broth or stock contains 1 3/4 cups of liquid. Quite right. It had a different smell than fat from soup stock. This has the dual benefit of making a recipe uniquely your own and enhancing the flavor. The potential variations are endless! Thanks for catching that, Guest! https://www.yummly.co.uk/recipes/soups-made-with-chicken-stock More specifically, it is usually Arborio rice (although there are a few more-expensive varieties you can use), into which you stir large quantities of stock to coax out the rice's starch. Make sure not to add salt until the end since the ingredients concentrate as the glaze develops; adding salt early on will make the carrots too salty in the end. :). 2. Chicken stock is ideal to use when making most risottos and brings a nice, rich flavor to the dish, which is enhanced by white wine, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. This red beans and rice recipe from food network and emeril lagasse calls for chicken stock instead of water. Whether you've made amazing chicken stock or have some leftover from a recipe, you might be wondering what to do with it. This light version of a classic Alfredo sauce also looks a lot like the velouté described above (See? Garlic Roasted Chicken With White Wine Sauce. Hot and sour soup is a trusted companion to all Chinese main dishes. When done properly, poaching can yield succulent, tender meat—not the dry, hard, boiled chicken you may be thinking of. Cover and simmer for about five minutes, and enjoy! Using chicken broth adds tons more flavor than plain water, and the cooking liquid can be used to make soup. A very easy homemade recipe can be found via Pillsbury. Risotto is rice with a lot of liquid. Share your thoughts in the comments! At the end of the week or after a dinner party, throw leftover bread (about four cups, to be exact) and cheese (about a cup) into a bowl with two tablespoons of olive oil, toss in some add-ins of your own choosing (bacon and sautéed onion are always winners in my book), and put in a greased 9x9-inch pan. I’ll bet, however, that I can impress you with at least one new use for this versatile ingredient. Now that summer is upon us, most people are reluctant to spend their evenings stooped over a hot stove. I love making my own chicken stock and canning it so I always have it on hand. Miso Soup. Season to taste, and enjoy! Once you chill it, it should set like a jelly (adding some of the skin and all of the bits you can't eat like cartilage will make it set a lot better. Do you have any other ideas for novel and tasty ways to use chicken stock? – Jude Feb 6 '17 at 3:19 What Really Goes into Creating a Credit Card, 3 Tips to Get a Bigger Kick out of Your Rewards Programs, Tips to Maximize Credit Card Reward Earnings. You left out the BEST chicken soup, avgolemono - rice and chicken stock thickened with an egg and lemon mixture. Pressed for time? Great if you have one. The light Alfredo is also incredibly easy — simply combine milk, stock, flour, salt, and pepper, and heat over low heat. Can't say it's schmaltz but my father who was Hungarian used to save chicken skin from the butcher and 'cook' it in a stove-top pan on the lowest heat possible, rendering the fat out. With this simpler way, if you need those flavours then you can add them when you cook the actual dish. I feel like every time I go into the grocery store (which is practically every day) I buy at least one carton if not two. Thus, the wonderful invention that is gazpacho — the cold tomato soup that can be made and consumed without the aid of heat altogether! Pan-dripping gravy may be made with cornstarch or flour as the thickening agent. Or try this recipe for fried polenta, which calls for stock in the original recipe. Serve it alongside chicken or fish for a memorable, high-protein meal. A favorite of mine is this recipe by Rachel Ray. One of the only reasons I don’t run off to live in the Caribbean each year when the weather in the Northeast dips inevitably to the cold, damp, and snowy is the knowledge that I will be comforted by such things as roaring fires and chicken noodle soup. Add flavor and dimension to plain white rice by substituting chicken stock for water. And for all you vegetarians out there, you can substitute vegetable stock for chicken stock in all of these uses. I love avgolemono! Steam vegetables by placing them in a steaming basket in a larger pot containing about 2 inches of boiling stock. Great tips - thanks! See Simply Recipes for more detailed directions to both cornstarch- and flour-based gravy. Chicken stock or broth can be used for all sorts of delicious dishes, not just soups and stews. Minestrone is a tomato-based soup characterized by its inclusion of red kidney beans (and its ubiquitous presence at Olive Gardens the world round, I might add).

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