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The pike tipped the scales at 55.78 lbs and measured 55.12 inches long. They are typical of brackish and fresh waters of the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. As such, this could be a form of energy conservation. I’ve been fishing them for years, observing the changes all the time. Larger fish are more easily filleted (and much easier to de-bone), while smaller ones are often processed as forcemeat to eliminate their many small bones, and then used in preparations such as quenelles and fish mousses. It eats mainly fish and frogs, but also small mammals and birds fall prey to pike. Smaller pike are more of ambush predators, probably because of their vulnerability to cannibalism. A pike has a very typical hunting behavior; it is able to remain stationary in the water by moving the last fin rays of the dorsal fins and the pectoral fins. Range of northern pike as traditionally defined (including populations now often regarded as separate species: Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. This is undertaken using long forceps, with 30-cm artery clamps the ideal tool. For larger prey, the pike will usually attempt to drown the prey before carrying it off to be consumed. After 10 minutes she was mine. She was massive and I was thinking how to land it without hurting her but fortunately she was really calm when I took her out of the water. Pike are often found near the exit of culverts, which can be attributed to the presence of schools of prey fish and the opportunity for ambush. I wanted to find out what had happened to the lake. The use of float tubes has become a very popular way of fishing for pike on small to medium-sized still waters. In the Baltic, they are known to follow herring schools, so have some seasonal migration. Being potamodromous, all esocids tend to display limited migration, although some local movement may be of key significance for population dynamics. I decided to fish only big lures and completely different spots like for example deep holes that I hadn’t fished before … and it did worked ! There were still big carps spawning but there was almost no small fish. It has also been introduced to lakes in Morocco, and is even found in brackish water of the Baltic Sea, but they are confined to the low-salinity water at the surface of the sea, and are seldom seen in brackish water elsewhere. For trolling, big plugs or softbaits can be used. Also they have been caught this way by using patterns that imitate small fry or invertebrates. According to the Hlehle Blog, Bulgaria Angler Petar Filipov caught one of the largest northern pikes of all time in his native country. They are prized as game fish for their determined fighting. The northern pike is a largely solitary predator. holarctic in distribution). Northern Pike typically live to 10-15 years, but sometimes up to 25 years. [18] During such motions, pike make "S" conformations while swimming at high rates. The fish has a distinctive habit of catching its prey sideways in the mouth, immobilising it with its sharp, backward-pointing teeth, and then turning the prey headfirst to swallow it. Spoons with mirror finishes are very effective when the sun is at a sharp angle to the water in the mornings or evenings because they generate the vibrations previously discussed and cause a glint of reflective sunlight that mimics the flash of white-bellied prey. Because of their prolific and predatory nature, laws have been enacted in some places to help stop the spread of northern pike outside of their native range. [14] Pike do not discriminate siblings well,[citation needed] so cannibalism between siblings is likely. The current world record Nothern Pike is 55 lbs and 1 oz. [20] Pike are more stationary in reservoirs than lakes. For the hot summer and during inactive phases, the larger female pike tend to retire to deeper water and/or places with better cover. I and my friends couldn’t catch anything in this lake anymore. Reports of far larger pike have been made, but these are either misidentifications of the pike's larger relative, the muskellunge, or simply have not been properly documented and belong in the realm of legend. German record pike This could be considered the World Record Northern Pike caught from an abandoned stone quarry in Germany in 1983. When fishing in shallow water for smaller pike, lighter and smaller lures are frequently used. Fly fishing for pike is an established aspect of the sport and there are now numerous dedicated products to use specifically to target these fish.

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